We are utilizing data analytics not only in our value chain but also for important strategic decision-making through corporate functions. 




Corporate Strategy

Using inductive data-based statistical science techniques and deductive mathematical modeling and simulation techniques, we will quantitatively analyze future uncertainty to improve the speed and quality of various strategic decisions.



Portfolio Strategy

We are digitizing real-time information updates on our internal pipeline and external conditions. Our portfolio analysis and quantitative risk analysis techniques, which utilize simulation technology, allow us to analyze and evaluate a wide variety of scenarios and contribute to the construction of ideal portfolios from both short- and medium- to long-term perspectives.



Business Development

We are introducing analytics to evaluate business value and aim to improve the quality of our decision-making by implementing an innovation evaluation. We utilize corporate finance theory and statistical simulation techniques to quantitatively predict and evaluate the uncertainty and future potential of business value.




By utilizing time series analysis of sales and various costs and machine learning/AI-based forecasting models, we aim to maximize corporate value by identifying opportunities to improve profitability, reduce costs, and achieve the most efficient resource allocation.



Human Resources

We are taking on the challenge of talent management digitalization and employee network analysis by utilizing HR data-based analytics, predictive modeling, and natural language processing alongside other technologies. We conduct influencer and organizational analysis not only through inductive data analysis but also through deductive approaches utilizing behavioral economics and agent-based models.


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