Contributing to Society Through Group-wide Volunteer Activities

Changing Tomorrow Day 2023

Astellas encourages employees around the world to participate in a diverse range of volunteer activities that promote healthcare and the environment as part of Changing Tomorrow Day, Changing Tomorrow Day activities positively contribute to local communities and address their needs.

Global Changing Tomorrow Day is Astellas’ signature volunteer event where employees around the world come together to create impact through a variety of service-based activities. In 2023, over 2,800 Astellas employees provided over 7,000 hours of volunteering in their communities.

Changing Tomorrow Day Data for the year ended March 2023

RegionParticipantsVolunteering hoursNumber of countries
Established Markets*¹3901,24611
Greater China*²2508502
International Markets*³5952,87510
United States4101,2431

*1 Established Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia.
*2 Greater China: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
*3 International Markets: Russia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Korea.

Feedback from Volunteers

“Volunteering is a benefit for everyone at Astellas. I have heard many times that volunteer events are like a “bright shining star” and focus on helping others and bringing hope to the community”
<Croatia and Slovenia >

“I love spending time outside in nature with my family and wanted to be able to share the gift of being active outdoors by volunteering with an organization that supports those with disabilities. Every time I volunteer with this organization, my heart is full and I leave humbled by the journey others travel in life. Giving joy and independence to someone else is so rewarding”
<United States>

“I think it is important to recognize that there is always someone beyond my own work and volunteer activities. I believe it is important to do even the smallest of things and build on them”


Other CT-Day Activities





In 2024, we plan to continue working with World Patients Alliance for Global Changing Tomorrow Day. We are excited to bring more volunteer opportunities with patients to our employees and help shape the healthcare landscape of tomorrow.