Contributing to Society Through Groupwide Volunteer Activities

Changing Tomorrow Day 2020

Astellas encourages group employees around the world to conduct a diverse range of volunteer activities that promote healthcare and maintain the environment as part of Changing Tomorrow Day, thereby contributing to their local communities. 
In the year ended March 2021, the world was impacted by COVID-19, but the Company conducted various activities such as virtual volunteer events or innovative activities in each region focusing on taking care of employees’ health. More than 3900 Astellas group employees participated in Changing Tomorrow Day 2020.

Changing Tomorrow Day Data for the year ended March 2021

Region Participants Volunteering hours Number of locations Number of countries
Established Markets*¹ 421 752 56 12
Greater China*² 165 2,081 5 1
International Markets*³ 270 490 5 4
Japan 1,688 1,244 71 1
United States 1,400 6,000 1 1
Total 3,944 10,567 138 19


*1 Established Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia.
*2 Greater China: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
*3 International Markets: Russia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Korea.

Feedback from Volunteers

“Every activity deeply felt the company’s active investment in CSR. In every event, I am proud of being an employee of Astellas” <Greater China>

“Being part of Astellas and this volunteer activity reminded me of the company’s purpose of caring for people and patients.” <International Markets>

“We might not have been able to be as hands-on as we had planned, but our donations helped make children who have so little feel valued and special. That’s what the Christmas spirit is about.” <Established Markets>

“It was an absolute joy to participate in Changing Tomorrow Day with my family. It was truly an honor to assist our veterans and teach my boys about helping others.” <United States>

“I was pleased that our Christmas cards made them happy and to see their happy faces. I could share each feeling with our colleagues in the sales office.” <Japan>