Contributing to Society Through Group-wide Volunteer Activities

Changing Tomorrow Day 2022

Astellas encourages group employees around the world to conduct a diverse range of volunteer activities that promote healthcare and maintain the environment as part of Changing Tomorrow Day, thereby contributing to their local communities.
 Astellas developed a variety of activities to address the community's needs while utilizing formats such as online volunteering. More than 2,600 Astellas group employees participated in Changing Tomorrow Day 2022. 

Changing Tomorrow Day Data for the year ended March 2023

RegionParticipantsVolunteering hoursNumber of countries
Established Markets*¹774486
Greater China*²3302,0373
International Markets*³2753,2976
United States5496,4231


*1 Established Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia.
*2 Greater China: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
*3 International Markets: Russia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Korea.

Feedback from Volunteers

Activity: Drug safety education
"I am very happy to participate in our company's volunteer activities. It was my honor to help the children learn about drug safety." <Greater China>

Activity: In-kind donation to employment programs for young people
"We are very happy to be able to collaborate with the partner organization and to mark a milestone in the development of Astellas' social responsibility activities." <International Markets>

Activity: Pro-bono work with a charity raising awareness for health issues
"It was a great opportunity to think more deeply about the impact that we can have beyond the company." <Established Markets>

Activity: Virtual kit building for underprivileged individuals
"I am glad that we did not stop our volunteer efforts due to the pandemic. I love how we respond flexibly to address society's needs." <United States>

Activity: Handmade goods donation to accommodation for children in treatment
"I participated in the activity at home with my family. It was good to have my family get to know that some people are happy to accept our support and that Astellas makes efforts for those people." <Japan>