Respecting employees with diverse backgrounds and
perspectives encourages creative innovation
and leads to the creation of social value
and the health of people around the world.

Astellas is working to promote diversity so that diverse individuals can play a role, irrespective of their identity. Respecting the diverse values of our employees and reflecting their various perspectives in our business activities not only heightens creativity in our organization, but also helps to attract and retain talented people as employees and enhances our competitiveness. Based on our global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion philosophy, Astellas integrates diversity, equity and inclusion into each region.



When people are treated with respect and valued for who they are and what talent they bring, they speak up and share brave ideas in unimaginable ways.

When organizations have diverse people, leaders and suppliers, they more fully represent the patient community, are better positioned to understand and address patients' unmet needs and create sustainability in all its forms.

When people are seen and treated as the individuals they are, barriers are eliminated, and their unique needs are met, they can enjoy optimal health and the fullness of the value they bring is unleashed.

When we foster inclusive environments that create psychological safety, a sense of belonging, and empowerment, there is high-quality and efficient collaboration, problem-solving, decision-making, innovation and ultimately, VALUE creation.


Focusing on inclusion

Building a culture of belonging empowers people to do their best work. Astellas is a company where people of different views, backgrounds and experiences can come together and show up for one another based on the psychological safety.
In Japan, we are promoting activities to encourage “Reflection and Dialogue” on the personal values and purpose that each employee holds in mind in order to enhance the inclusive culture.
In the US, we are proud of our 7 Employee Impact Groups that foster a sense of belonging and focus on aspects of career, culture, commerce, and community.



Women’s Empowerment

We aim to make Astellas a vibrant and motivating workplace for women and provide equal job opportunities regardless of gender. 


Ratio of male and female employees by region and percentage of female employees in managerial positions (for the year ended March2022)

  Male Female Ratio of female in
managerial positions
46.2% 53.8% 53.0%
39.5% 60.5% 59.5%
44.3% 55.7% 50.9%
Japan*4 69.1% 30.9% 13.3%*5
United States 45.4% 54.6% 53.0%
Groupwide 53.1% 46.9% 43.9%

*1 Established Markets: Europe, Canada, Australia
*2 Greater China: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
*3 International Markets: Russia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South Asia, Korea, etc.
*4 As of June 2022, ratio of female in Board of Directors was 30%.
*5 As of June 2022,ratio of female in manegerial positions in Japan was 14.5%.


Diversity in Action

Furthermore, we are committed to develop individuals, irrespective of nationality, to further accelerate globalization.
The Astellas workplace environment is also well equipped to accommodate employees with disabilities. Aside from establishing the Green Supply Support Office*5, Astellas employs the usage of speech-to-text applications to support employees with hearing impairments. We have also taken part in Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE)*6

*5 Green Supply Support Office: Function established in one of Japanese affiliated companies to support employees with disabilities by offering employment opportunities. Duties including planting, recycling, and cleaning are tailored to promote environmental sustainability.
*6 Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE): Japanese general incorporated association for model innovation of employment services for persons with disabilities.