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More than 60% of cancer patients in Malaysia, a multinational nation, are diagnosed with cancer in late stages of the disease (Stage 3 or 4). Many of these patients have less opportunity to get access to treatment and awareness of preventive practices. This will lead to lower health education and health literacy levels. Many cancer patients also have difficulty continuing treatment on a regular basis due to financial hardship.

Astellas’ funding supports cancer mitigation efforts through a program managed by the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) and Asia Cancer Forum (ACF). This funding supports the development and deployment of a cancer educational database repository that patients can use for advice on specific male or female cancer screenings. Patients can also use the database to access materials for cancer risk-management such as obesity reduction tips, smoking cessation support and dietary guidelines. Patients enrolled in the Malaysian Cancer Preventive Registry can use the site to assess and monitor their health risks. In addition, community engagement sessions are held to promote discussion on cancer awareness at local businesses where residents are regular patrons (i.e. barber shops, salons via the BEAUTY & Health program).

The launch event of the “BEAUTY & Health” program was held on 11 August 2022 in Malaysia. For details, please visit the following websites.

This program is targeted to benefit more than one million Malaysian residents by improving prevention and early detection of cancer through better health education and literacy.

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The launch event of the “BEAUTY & Health” program