Primary Focus Immuno-Oncology

Currently, only approximately 20% of cancers respond to existing immuno-oncology treatments. At Astellas, our goal is to turn 20% into 100%. By activating and enhancing the immune system in new and multiple ways, we can reinvigorate its ability to discover, disarm and destroy more cancers in more patients.


Our Approach

Building on a growing understanding of patient needs, Astellas has built its leadership in prostate cancer treatments over the past years and created a wealth of expertise and talent to grow our pipeline of innovative cancer treatments. We are actively partnering with leading-edge biotechnology companies and academia to further enhance these existing capabilities.

We are committed to developing next-generation immuno-oncology drugs using multi-functional platforms. Engaging a multi-functional platform-based approach represents a paradigm shift in our approach to research with the goal to create a range of immuno-oncology drugs tailored to patients’ individual tumor biology, targeting different stages of the cancer immune cycle. 



Our portfolio includes oncolytic viruses, artificial adjuvant vector cell platform, bispecific immune cell engagers, small molecule, and cell therapy platform.



Partnering with Astellas

Bringing together the right technology and capabilities with highly skilled individuals and teams is critical to translate these novel ideas into meaningful value for patients.
We are therefore pursuing a tailored and focused partnership approach to enhance existing capabilities and accelerate progress toward our shared goals, create value for our partners, and ultimately for the patients.

Assets and capabilities of interest:

•    Novel cancer targets
•    Cancer Cell therapy
•    Bispecific Immune Cell Engager
•    Tumor Microenvironment directed approaches 
•    Combinations across our pipeline


We focus on the best science and empower the best talent to pursue it. Working at the edge of innovation also requires a change in our ways of working to facilitate increased agility and smarter, faster decision-making. If you are interested in creating and participating in a work-environment where innovation thrives, please contact us.  


Message from Primary Focus Lead

Message from Primary Focus Lead

Peter Sandor, M.D. 
Senior Vice President 
Primary Focus Lead, Immuno-Oncology

I believe that cancer can and will be defeated. At Astellas, our mission is to provide novel, innovative medicines and potentially cure cancer – to make a true difference for cancer patients. Success requires commitment, determination, partnership and collaboration between the best minds in cancer research and development. The science in immuno-oncology is rapidly evolving, no one organization can navigate this alone. We are partnering to enhance existing capabilities and build agile teams that embrace novel ways of working, championing courage, shared learning and empowered, smart risk-taking, and towards our goal of defeating cancer.  


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