Astellas believes that acting in accordance with the highest ethical standards, which includes following the letter and spirit of the law, is the cornerstone of all our activities.

Based on this belief, the Astellas Charter of Corporate Conduct, which is shared globally, expresses the Company’s ethical business philosophy in terms of corporate behavior. In addition, the Astellas Group Code of Conduct is a global code for everyone who works for Astellas in any location around the world and in any capacity whatsoever as a director, officer, employee, temporary worker, or otherwise, whether full-time or part-time, establishing that they are expected to perform their duties ethically and in compliance with laws and regulations. Also, we seek to ensure that third parties acting on behalf of Astellas comply with all relevant standards described in the Code.

To demonstrate this commitment, Astellas employees are evaluated annually, in part, on ethical and compliant behavior.

Astellas promotes compliance and maintains the highest ethical standards through the development, implementation and continuous enhancement of its policies, processes, and global compliance structures and thereby maintains the trust of patients and other stakeholders and enhances enterprise value.