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Turning Innovative Science into VALUE for Patients

Our philosophy is to "contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products." In the spirit of science first, we are working to create medical solutions by ensuring that scientific progress is targeted where the greatest potential exists to create and deliver VALUE for patients. Alliances and partnerships with bioventure companies and academia play an important role in achieving these goals. Therefore, we are actively seeking collaboration opportunities in order to access capabilities beyond our organization that help us realize innovation and address unmet medical needs.


Partnering with Astellas: Structure and Approach

With the remarkable breadth of advances in science, we are continuously evaluating opportunities to acquire the necessary variety of drug development technology and know-how including modality/technology and biology. Open innovation is important to tackle this challenge. Astellas has been collaborating with academics and a variety of companies which have best science and capabilities. 

Partnering plays a tactical role as well as in-house research and development. Astellas will work with a variety of partners to provide medical solutions to our patients with high unmet medical needs.

Astellas established dedicated management teams to strengthen our partnerships including the AIM (Astellas Innovation Management) team, which promotes intake early stage innovation, BD (Business Development) team, which finds potential partners and actively develops business, and AVM (Astellas Venture Management) team, which conducts private equity investments in early-stage biotech start-ups to foster its R&D and business for reinforcing Astellas’ pipeline. In the field of Rx+® business, the Rx+ BA (Rx+ Business Accelerator) team leads exploration of innovation, collaboration with partners, and investment in start-ups, dedicatedly and independently of prescription drugs. Working together with external partners, Astellas will turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.

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Our Partnership Track Record

Given the significant changes in the environment surrounding the healthcare industry since the establishment of our "Innovation Management" Department in 2013, Astellas has continued to strengthen our capabilities for the discovery and evaluation of innovations. Astellas acquires cutting-edge science from our partners to discover drugs for diseases and new competitive Focus Area. We pursue innovative science to produce medical treatments that provide VALUE for patients.

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