“We focus on accelerating the discovery, development and commercialization of ground-breaking innovations that could redefine expectations of care for difficult-to-treat diseases. We are looking to build partnerships with ambitious organizations that share our VISION to deliver VALUE for patients and are willing to step into the unknown to accelerate the development of innovative therapies so that we can extend and improve lives.”

Issei Tsukamoto,

Ph.D., Head of Business Development
Issei Tsukamoto

Why Partner with Astellas

We apply a long-term, strategic approach with a commitment to deliver scientific innovations and VALUE that address unmet medical needs. We continuously work to build win-win partnerships, offering a unique combination of global scale with an entrepreneurial mindset to work flexibly and nimbly with partners. This allows us to move quickly, foster bold thinking and intelligent risk-taking to create customized, flexible win-win approaches for partnering opportunities aligned with our strategy.

We are committed to enabling partnering to create an environment where innovation can successfully lead to new products that address patients' unmet needs. We leverage our internal capabilities, knowledge and expertise with that of our partners to pursue a shared path to success. With patients at the forefront of everything we do, we work collaboratively to empower the brightest minds, from our organization and our partners, to advance life-changing treatments for patients to define new ways to treat disease.

Our partners are a key part of our mission and who are involved and work closely with us regarding scientific, operational and commercial decision-making activities. Partner with us as we seek to transform the lives of the patients we serve.


Our Areas of Partnering Interest

Together with our partners we aim to lead in the areas where we can deliver the greatest VALUE. Our current areas of partnering interest include oncology, rare diseases, immuno-sciences and emerging areas of drug discovery and development from bench to patient, including evolving cell and gene based therapeutic approaches.


We also aim to contribute and provide VALUE to patients in various ways, not limited to treatment with drugs but across the whole patient journey, including overall medical care, education, and precision medicine approaches that integrate diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic care. We refer to this non-pharma activity as our Rx+® businesses.


Track Record and Testimonies

Through a combination of in-house innovation, partnerships and acquisitions, we have developed success stories that have led to life-saving treatments. We have deep insight, expertise and capabilities in building the successful innovation networks and partnerships required for short and long-term success. Through open collaboration and innovation, we can increase our collective ability to meet the pressing needs of patients.

Track Record



Our Global Reach

Astellas has over more than 14,000 employees managing operations in approximately 70 countries worldwide, spanning both developed and emerging markets.

We have worldwide drug discovery and development, manufacturing and commercialization operations and capabilities, combined with expertise in regulatory, medical affairs and marketing from bench to clinic to patients to provide access to markets and patients across the globe.


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