Digital Transformation

Astellas' approach to DX is much more than simply streamlining operations through digital technology. We implement DX to realize our VISION: To be on the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.


Astellas’ DX Vision

Astellas' DX Vision is to "become a world-class Intelligent Enterprise that accelerates digital transformation to turn innovative science to VALUE for patients." We have identified four levers (sources of value) centered around Digital x Data to realize our DX vision.



  • Sense (Use sensory devices to collect various types of events as data)
  • Analyze (Utilize and analyze all data to forecast the future and support bold and accurate decision-making early on)
  • Automate (Use digital for high quality, fast operations)
  • Engage (Use a combination of digital and analogue to connect people across time and space)

By combining these four levers with our company's accumulated knowledge of science, we believe we can realize value chain that provides superior pharmaceuticals and acquire competitive superiority.


Why are we focused on DX?

The pharmaceutical industry handles vast amounts of data throughout its entire value chain from research, development, and manufacturing, to sales and the post-marketing maximization of our product value.


Consultants analyzing the potential impact of DX on the pharmaceutical industry have highlighted huge benefits for drug R&D over the next 15 to 20 years. These include the possibility of a 60% reduction in cost and a shortened timeframe of approximately 2.4 years*1 in drug research & development.

*1 “With advances in (digital) technology, (omitted) it will be possible, 15 to 20 years from now, to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical research and development by about 60% and shorten the development period by about 2.4 years.”

In today’s increasingly globalized marketplace, we currently conduct business in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our DX initiatives are executed globally to achieve results that will significantly impact our entire group.


Messages from our leaders driving DX strategies

"For me, DX is about evolving the way we conduct business; it's about utilizing digital technology to dramatically increase VALUE for patients. Even if we introduce a small system, it is an excellent example of DX if it leads to increased patient VALUE. Conversely, if we decide to work with cutting-edge technology or use an extensive system, we can't call it DX if it does not evolve the way our business is done and lead to increased VALUE. In 2018, Astellas established a core team for driving forward DX in the three divisions of Corporate Strategy, AIA, and Information Systems. We have expanded the core team across divisions and are pushing forward DX projects across the value chain. We encourage all our employees, whatever project they are engaged with, to channel their passion for delivering as much patient VALUE as possible as quickly as possible by utilizing DX."

Shinya Suda

Senior Vice President of Information Systems
Shinya Suda Senior Vice President of Information Systems

“The Advanced Informatics & Analytics (AIA) division is a team of data, analytics and digital experts – data engineers, data scientists and digital translators. We pioneer new applications and solutions and conduct sophisticated data analytics such as machine learning, expert modeling, massive simulations and optimizations. We also utilize other advanced digital capabilities and integrate them to our enterprise to create VALUE for patients. In recent years, the explosion of data and information related to healthcare and life sciences has created myriad new opportunities to create value that never existed before. These possibilities help not only to generate new discoveries but also to maximize opportunities to efficiently and effectively develop treatments. Astellas is actively investing in world-class capabilities in data, advanced analytics and digital, and will continue maximize their utility in translating scientific advances into VALUE for patients through the new knowledge derived from data.”

Nate Crisel

Senior Vice President, Advanced Informatics and Analytics at Astellas Pharma
Nate Crisel Senior Vice President, Advanced Informatics and Analytics at Astellas Pharma

Astellas is driving DX initiatives throughout its entire value chain and business, including in back office and security systems that support the value chain. We are also developing our Rx+® business to develop solutions that bring VALUE to patients throughout the entire patient journey.

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