About Us

Bispecific immune cell engager is known as an approach that attracts two cells via a bispecific antibody in which two antibodies against an antigen expressed on the surface of each of the two cells of interest are bound. In particular, the bispecific T cell engager is a bispecific antibody that binds an antibody against a target antigen expressed on the surface of cancer cells and an antibody capable of activating T cells, and the T cells are placed near the target cancer cells. It is attracting attention as an approach of effectively removing cancer cells.

By utilizing these technologies, high specificity and unique control that cannot be achieved by conventional antibody technologies will be possible, and it is expected that the possibility of drug discovery will be greatly expanded even for diseases other than cancer.

Astellas aims to provide new treatment options for patients with diseases for which there is no effective treatment by combining these approaches of bispecific immune cell engager with the antibody drug discovery technology of Astellas.



Assets and capabilities that Astellas expects from its partners

  • Surface antigens that can be applied as targets for tissue-specific drug delivery and their screening techniques
  • Technology for recognizing environment-specific target antigens and proteins
  • Innovative technologies, such as multi-specific antibodies, that enable unique immune control
  • We are looking for the above technologies that can be applied to other diseases other than oncology

You can find more information on bispecific immune cell engager in oncology at the website of Primary focus Immuno-Oncology below.