Sustainable Biodiversity Initiatives

Astellas is thankful for the benefits brought about by biological diversity, and understands its business activities in all fields have an impact on ecosystems. We will make a positive contribution to the preservation of biodiversity by working to lessen that impact. Furthermore, we will actively contribute to the creation of a society that coexists with the natural world, enabling the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of the benefits of healthy ecosystems. Astellas has endorsed the Declaration of Biodiversity by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) and makes donations to the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund.

Basic Policy on Biodiversity

  • We will endeavor to lessen our overall environmental impact on biodiversity by working to implement Climate Change Mitigation Measures, minimize environmental pollution, and promote resource recycling.
  • We will endeavor to develop technologies that lessen the impact on ecosystems by lowering the burden we place on the environment and using as few natural resources as possible.
  • We will endeavor to handle genetic resources in accordance with international standards and the regulations of producing nations.
  • We will endeavor to broaden our efforts to preserve biodiversity with the aim of creating a sustainable society that coexists in harmony with nature. To this end, we will promote discussion within society and among affected parties, while reaching across national and geographical borders.
  • We will endeavor to foster a corporate culture that will always act with respect for biodiversity and in a manner that is harmonious with our business activities, grateful for the benefits obtained from healthy ecosystems.
Basic Policy on Biodiversity

Biodiversity Index

Astellas assesses the three main factors that are causing the deterioration of biodiversity as being environmental pollution, resource consumption, and climate change, and has created a Biodiversity Index to evaluate the impact of its business activities on biodiversity.
The environmental burden for each sub-category in the assessment fiscal year is divided by the corresponding burden in the base-year and then multiplied by the weight to derive the “biodiversity burden index.” The “biodiversity index” is calculated by dividing Astellas’ consolidated revenue in the assessment fiscal year by the total of all the biodiversity burden index figures. Improvement can be determined by comparing this index to the base year.

Biodiversity Index

Environmental Action Plan (Biodiversity)

Raise the Biodiversity Index to quadruple the fiscal 2005 level by fiscal 2025. (Global)


The Biodiversity Index for fiscal 2022 came in at 4.6 times the figure recorded in fiscal 2005. As the scope of the Environmental Action Plan has expanded regarding climate change, so has the scope of each index used to calculate the Biodiversity Index. The following graph has been recalculated from past indices. We will continue our current activities.
Beyond the region, Astellas believes that by minimizing the impact of its business activities on the environment, the Company will help suppress the deterioration of biodiversity and realize an environment in which sustainable business activities may be continued.