Open Innovation Lab
Established in Astellas Tsukuba Research Center

SakuLabTM-Tsukuba is an open-innovation laboratory, located at Astellas’ Tsukuba Research Center in Tsukuba, Japan. Resident researchers have access to ready-to-use lab equipment and non-confidential consultation on a wide range of drug discovery research activities and networking opportunities with Astellas’ scientists.

Tsukuba City has a distinguished life science ecosystem and is located near Kashiwa-no-ha, one of the renowned life science hubs in Japan. At SakuLabTM-Tsukuba, Astellas aspires to create a place where science innovators can turn their ideas into groundbreaking healthcare solutions that could make a difference in patients’ lives worldwide. Various stakeholders with different capabilities, including startups and academia, will use this lab to discuss and grow innovative ideas to address unmet medical needs.

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  • Ready-to-use shared laboratories with office space and meeting rooms
  • Laboratories for P1 gene recombination experiments, BSL2 or below biosafety level experiments, and planned animal experiment facilities
  • Expandable facilities for laboratory use (2 rooms for chemistry with total 6 benches and 4 rooms for biology with total 24 benches), with a total space of 400 m2
Lab equipment

Lab equipment

  • Ultrapure water production equipment, safety cabinet, CO2 incubator, autoclave, multipurpose refrigerated centrifuge, small refrigerated centrifuge, deep freezer (-80℃), freezer (-20℃), refrigerator (4℃), medium-sized constant temperature shaking incubator, ice maker, inverted microscope, precision electronic balance, pH meter, all-in-one fluorescence microscope, multi-mode plate reader, nanodrop, LC-MS, HPLC, ultrasonic cleaner, evaporator, automatic purification equipment, real time PCR system*, western blotting detector*, flow cytometer*

    *Coming soon



  • Access to non-confidential consultation on drug discovery research with Astellas scientists who have deep knowledge of various platforms and a wide range of processes in drug discovery


  • Opportunities to join networking events co-hosted by Astellas and BioLabs and to connect with the global life science ecosystem
  • Access to networking opportunities between users and Astellas researchers


  • SakuLabTM-Tsukuba is ready for those who aim to realize new healthcare solutions with innovative ideas and technologies, and welcomes life science-related startup companies, academia and/or research teams aiming to start a business regardless of research theme, field or stage
  • Please contact us for more information about the application and screening process
  • Fee:198,000 yen (monthly, incl. tax: 217,800 yen)
    Fee includes (subject to contract):
    -One bench (W150 x D75 cm), one desk (hoteling style), usage of conference rooms
    -Water supply, sewage, fuel and light, air conditioning 
    -General/Office disposal, security, environmental maintenance
    -Office equipment including amenities such as a key locker, Wi-Fi, and printers
    -Other facility maintenance and management expenses
  • Expected duration: 1 year commitment, 2 years at maximum

    *Subject to contract and negotiation


Government Support


Lab Users

Alpha Fusion Inc.

Alpha Fusion Inc.

Alpha Fusion is a startup company established to advance some research primarily led by Osaka University and QiSS*. The company is developing investigational agents for refractory cancer by Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) using Astatine (At-211). It aims to deliver the Astatine drug to patients through collaborations with several research institutes and cyclotron manufacturers.

*QiSS (Quantum Innovation for Safe and Smart Society): a consortium established by the Japan Science and Technology Agency's Open Innovation Platforms with Enterprises, Research Institutes, and Academia (JST OPERA) and led by Osaka University

Tsukuba Digital-Bio International Center

Tsukuba Digital-Bio International Center

Tsukuba Digital-Bio International Center is a network organization led by University of Tsukuba, with the vision of “realizing a society that supports the well-being of all generations of people through interdisciplinary research using bioresources and digital technology with Tsukuba as its core.” The project is aiming to build a digital bioeconomy society through the creation of new industries and the development of young human resources by promoting digital-bio research in the fields of medicine, food, and the environment in cooperation with local governments and related organizations. This project was launched in December 2020 in accordance with the policies of “the Cabinet Office's Bio Strategy 2019/2020.”



Bldg. for Translational Science 3&4F
Tsukuba Research Center
Astellas Pharma Inc.,
27, Miyukigaoka, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan


  • 50 min. by car from Narita International Airport
  • 14 min by bus from Station Kenkyugakuen of Tsukuba Express
  • Parking lots for vehicles and bicycles