Why Partner with Astellas

Astellas' competitiveness comes from an extensive global research network featuring cutting-edge technology and active collaboration with academia and bioventure companies worldwide.

Besides our R&D center in Japan, Astellas is strengthening R&D in the US. We are enhancing project speed and efficiency with simultaneous development in Japan, the US, Europe and Asia. Substantial growth in markets around the world have elevated us to the leading position in the areas of prostate cancer, transplantation, and over active bladder. 

For example, Astellas is also working on cell therapy as one of the new R&D areas for innovation in Tsukuba, Japan and Boston, and Seattle in the US. Astellas is building a solid foundation in ophthalmology and in the near future aiming to accelerate our programs for next generation cell product which combines stem cell and gene editing technologies. 

Astellas effectively conducts alliance and M&As to overcome technical challenges in the industrialization process. Thanks to the timely acquisition of a US-based bio-technology company, Audentes Therapeutics, Inc., Astellas has secured Gene Therapy as one of our Primary Focus and is steadily advancing research and development.

Drug Development Capability : Turning Science into VALUE 

Drug Development Capability : Turning Science into VALUE


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