• Conducted a dementia awareness event (September 24, 2023, in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture)
    Astellas supported to hold a dementia awareness event together with Community Nurses*¹ who are active in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The purpose of this event was to introduce the symptoms of dementia and preventive measures, and to help local people deepen their understanding of dementia and make it their own.  26 local people stopped by the booth to learn the symptoms and prevention of dementia, of which two persons received health consultations from doctors working as Community Nurses.
  • Conducted a health consultation event during Autumn Thanksgiving in the commercial avenue on the “Ikebukuro Peace Street” (October 22, 2023, in Toshima-ku, Tokyo)
    Astellas set up the booth of health consultation space at the event in the commercial area on the “Ikebukuro Peace Street” with Community Nurses, who are currently working in Toshima-ku as easy conversation partners for the local people.  23 local people stopped by the booth set up by Astellas was utilized as an opportunity for exchange among local people and Community Nurses.
  • Created a Good Meddlers Award Competition (November 4, 2023, in Un-nan city, Shimane Prefecture)
    Astellas held Good Meddlers Award 2023 ceremony together with CNC, Ltd. and ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It was a celebration for “Good Meddlers*²” who gathered from all over Japan to celebrate their work.  The total number of applications of “Stories of Good Meddlers” were 216, and 5 of them were nominated as the final selection. “Good Meddlers of Team SABAE” awarded a grand prize after 220 votes were collected in person and online.

    Live Streaming of the Good Meddlers Award 2023 Ceremony -YouTube on November 4, 2023
  • Start a practical course for a mid-size medical institution’s hospital staff on Community Nursing.
    Astellas started a Community Nurse practice course withCNC, Ltd. for employees of mid-size medical institution hospitals.
  • Planning and design of outcome research *³
    Astellas started planning and designing outcome research for companies and government models that plan to start new social implementations of Community Nursing with CNC, Ltd.


*¹ Community Nurse: This is a concept that CNC, Ltd. has independently advocated and promoted, inspired by the nursing practice of "Community Nursing". For more information
click here.
*² GOOD meddling: CNC, Ltd. defines GOOD meddling in this initiative as follows
To get close to the true wishes and thoughts of the person being meddlesome and to encourage them to believe in themselves. GOOD meddlesomeness is the result of the meddling that brightens the life of the meddler, the people around him or her, and the meddler's own life.
GOOD Meddlesomeness is when the hearts of those touched by the meddlesomeness are inspired and ignited to take action in their own way.
*³ Outcome research: Research to evaluate the social impact of implementing community nursing.