Board of Directors

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Tantou Yakuin

Representative Director, President and CEO Kenji Yasukawa
Representative Director, Executive Vice President
Chief Strategy Officer (CStO)
Naoki Okamura
Senmu Tantou-Yakuin
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO)
Fumiaki Sakurai
Senmu Tantou-Yakuin
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Yukio Matsui
Senmu Tantou-Yakuin
Chief Scientific Officer (CScO)
Yoshitsugu Shitaka
Senmu Tantou-Yakuin
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Minoru Kikuoka
Senmu Tantou-Yakuin
Chief Manufacturing Officer (CMfgO)
Hideki Shima
Joumu Tantou-Yakuin
President, Japan Commercial
Yasuhiro Tsutsui
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Eisuke Nozawa
Vice President, External Relations
Yuusuke Kumagai