Commitment to healthcare for local communities

Based on our Raison D'être to “Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products,” Astellas has strived to deliver innovative medical solutions. To contribute to people's healthcare, many social issues need to be solved while engaging with local communities. In addition to our experiences and skills, we are working in collaboration with people from outside our industry, so that we can focus on the whole patient journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and prognostic care) and work  to deliver VALUE to our patients.


Joint Project with CNC, Ltd.: Project Commune

Astellas recognizes Access to Health as a material issue  and is working to strengthen healthcare systems in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Malaysia by supporting the work of external partners . Project Commune, a collaborative project with CNC, Ltd.*¹, works with Community Nurses *² to address social*³ and mental health through community connections. We will contribute to the overall healthcare of people by supporting these activities.

*¹ For more information about CNC, Ltd,
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*² Community Nurse: This is a concept that CNC, Ltd. has independently advocated and promoted, inspired by the nursing practice of "Community Nursing". For more information
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*³ Social health: To build constructive and good relationships with others and society.


Community Nurse Initiatives

Project Commune implements health-related initiatives for local residents across Japan. It also supports the activities of Community Nurses*¹ working around the world.

Social issues to be addressed:

  • Sustainable social security systems
    There are growing concerns about increases in social security expenditures in countries with aging populations because the situation of fewer workers and more elderly people cause a worsening of the receiving balance of supply and demand of medical and nursing care services. Community Nurses contribute to people’s health enhancement and preventive healthcare by engaging in the communities before the onset of disease.
  • Delay in disease diagnosis without medical check-ups
    By building good relationships with potential patients in local communities, Community Nurses detect their signs of disease, encourage individuals to visit a hospital, and contribute to early detection of diseases.
  • Social isolation caused by the increase in the number of one-person households aged 65 or over
    Community Nurses provide healthy elderly people with opportunities to play an active role in the community, which follows guidance that people with strong social connections will extend their healthy life expectancy.


Activities in FY 2023

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