Promoting Health Management

We support our employees’ working styles and well-being and strive for organizational health

For three consecutive years, Astellas’ effort to promote good health have been recognized with certification as a 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (in the large enterprise category) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.

Health and productivity

Fostering Employee Health and a Sound Corporate Culture

Putting into practice work styles that allow every employee to demonstrate high productivity and creativity and realize their own potential will energize us as an organization and lead to corporate growth as One Astellas. The realization of such work styles is predicated on employee health and the creation of a sound corporate culture.
A sound corporate culture requires a psychologically safe environment in which all employees respect each other and can actively communicate with peace of mind. Astellas is committed to pursuing organizational health through the support of diverse work styles and the promotion of employee health, ensuring all employees enjoy physical and mental wellbeing, thus enabling them to strive for even greater productivity.

Priority Items for Health Management (Japan)

Supporting Health

  1. Rigorously ensure regular health examinations and secondary health examinations, as well as recommended checkups when necessary
    We maintain a regular health examination rate of 100% and also work to ensure employees receive secondary health examinations. In cooperation with the health insurance association, we also endeavor to encourage additional health examinations where necessary. For high-risk people whose blood pressure, blood sugar levels, etc., exceed standards, we ensure individual follow-ups such as conducting interviews with company physicians.
  2. Supporting Specific Health Guidance
    We actively provide support for specific health guidance which the Astellas Health Insurance Society is required to provide to individual employees by law to prevent and improve lifestyle diseases.
  3. Approach to Health Issues
    We conducted health surveys of employees and based on those results started measures from fiscal 2022 aimed at improving presenteeism*1.
    *Indicates a labor loss due to reduced ability of employees to perform their duties while at work.
  4. Improving Health Literacy
    Seminars on various health issues, including mental health, will be held starting from fiscal 2022 to raise interest in health and create opportunities for employees to think about their own health.

Creating Safe and Secure Workplaces

  1. Surveys on the state of workplace environments aim to raise awareness of creating safe and secure workplaces
    We conduct surveys on the current state of workplaces to implement measures aimed at resolving problems such as various types of harassment.
  2. Open Communication
    We value the psychological safety of each employee so they can respect each other and communicate openly and aim to create work environments that are high psychological safety. In fiscal 2021, we introduced a free address system amid renovations of the head office building. We expect further improvements in productivity and emergence in innovation processes through a combination of working remotely and direct connections with people in offices and other places.

Work Style Reform

  1. Preventing Long Working Hours
    Astellas uses original “Health Management Hours,”*2 ascertaining the working hours of all employees and taking corrective measures for long working hours.
    *Healthcare Management Hours: Astellas’ standards calculate employee daily working hours by using data such as entering and exiting the office and refers to this as healthcare management hours.
  2. Encouraging Employees to Take Annual Paid Leave
    Based on the assumption that employees with an annual leave entitlement of 10 days or more will take at least five days of annual paid leave, we have set a target of using at least 70% of their annual paid leave (14 days or more of the 20 days of paid leave granted yearly), and promote using even more.

Health Management Promotion System

Astellas' health management promotion system in Japan is planned and operated mainly by the Human Resources (including health staff), Astellas Health Insurance Society and labor union, and headed by the Chief People Officer and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer(CPO & CECO).

Reference (1): Results of Initiatives Promoting Health Management (numerical values)

Main CategorySubcategoryFiscal 2020Fiscal 2021Fiscal 2022Fiscal 2022Fiscal 2023
Improved rate of lifestyle habitsEstablishment of exercise habits20.2%18.9%26.5%25%28%
Improved employee productivity (presenteeism)WHO-HPQ
(Health and work Performance Questionnaire)
Supporting HealthRegular health examination attendance rate100%100%100%100%100%
Secondary health examination attendance rate93.4%90.7%94%100%100%
Specific health guidance implementation rate
※Including voluntary continuous insured persons and dependents ,etc.
Work Style ReformAnnual paid leave acquisition rate 
(figure is companywide average, including group companies)
Annual paid leave acquisition rate 
(ratio of individuals taking at least 70% of leave)

Reference (2): Astellas Health Management Strategy Map

 The health management strategy map is a plan for companies to implement health management.

Please click the figure below to enlarge it.


In Fiscal 2022, we implemented measures focusing on “Lifestyle modification Program (including smoking cessation measures)”, “Health promotion measures (including for mental health)”, “Anti-harassment measures”, “Overwork measures” and “Encouraging employees to take paid leave” which are on the Astellas Health Management Strategy Map. For the details, please check  [Fiscal 2022 Specific measures and results]