Innovation of Chronic Heart Failure Patient Management

While many excellent drugs and medical devices for treating cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease, currently exist, there are still many patients worldwide. In Japan, the annual medical costs for cardiovascular diseases exceed 6 trillion yen, the largest figure in the category of injury and disease*1.
At Astellas, our goal is to contribute to treating cardiovascular disease patients by integrating cutting-edge medical technologies with advanced technologies from other fields.

*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Summary of National Medical Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2022

We have jointly developed the My Holter II program with M.Heart Co., Ltd., which analyzes data using an AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm to analyze Holter ECG data more efficiently. The program has already been implemented in M-Heart's cloud ECG analysis service and provided to medical professionals.
Astellas has also joined forces with Nitto Denko Corporation and M-Heart for a sales pilot of the disposable Holter ECG device "EG Holter™." EG Holter is a holter electrocardiograph designed and developed by Nitto. By providing a total solution that involves combining convenient ECG testing using the EG Holter and the data analysis using MYHOLTER II, Astellas, Nitto, and M. Heart propose to enable early detection and appropriate treatment of atrial fibrillation, a condition estimated to affect approximately 700,000 patients in Japan*2 and contribute to the prolongation of healthy life expectancy. Several other projects are underway as solutions for cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease.

*2 From The Japan Stroke Association, The Japanese Heart Rhythm Society, and Shinbousaidou Week website.


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