Astellas is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving people's health worldwide through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products. Our role is to answer the unmet needs of patients across the world and the many healthcare professionals and caregivers around them. We recognize the importance of social media and welcome the opportunity to hear from users.

However, there are a few guidelines to help our social media channels to be effective.
This page deals specifically with the use of Astellas Pharma Global LinkedIn and Astellas Gene Therapies LinkedIn.

Astellas Content published via these channels may contain information or details regarding some Astellas activities that are not available or accessible in every country. For questions about Astellas activities or its products in a specific country, users should contact their local Astellas office.

If you choose to use Astellas’ LinkedIn page, please note that by doing so you agree to these Global Guidelines for LinkedIn and you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Astellas Social Media Privacy Notice. These Global Guidelines are intended to be the primary guidelines for Astellas’ LinkedIn pages.  Astellas advises users to consult these instructions regularly, as they may be modified from time to time and without notice.

These instructions complement the terms and conditions for LinkedIn. Please review LinkedIn’s User Agreement for additional information around the type of conversation that is allowed on this platform. Please note that LinkedIn also has access to information you share with us. For more details read the LinkedIn Privacy Policy. By interacting with the Astellas LinkedIn channels, users agree to abide by the Astellas guidelines as well as the LinkedIn terms and conditions.

Medical Advice Disclaimer:
Please keep in mind that our authors have knowledge of the topics and fields they write about, but that our posts are informational and should not be viewed as professional or medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Reliance on any information provided herein is solely at your own risk.

Interacting with Our Content:
We aim to foster a safe and positive community on our social media channels and our users’ feedback is important to us. We ask users to be respectful to others on our platforms. Astellas may remove any user comment that does not comply with our guidelines. If you have a specific question, please contact your local Astellas office, a full list of our locations can be found here.

Interactions with our posts and channels are encouraged. However, we work in a regulated industry within the healthcare space, and we may not be able to respond to and may delete interactions that:

  • Violate the policies of the LinkedIn social media platform
  • Contain incorrect or inappropriate content
  • Reference a specific product (ours or another company’s) 
  • Are promotional in nature or spam (ex: encouraging users to follow, engage with other content, selling products, services, excessively repetitive, etc.)
  • Contain language that is threatening, vulgar, or offensive in nature, condones violence, and/or discusses confidential information (including personal medical details), or legal, regulatory, or financial situations
  • Make unsupported accusations
  • Are off topic
  • Include abusive, offensive, profane, or discriminatory content
  • Solicit or attempt to provide medical advice
  • Contain content posted by fake or anonymous users


Please note that there may be other reasons not listed above that may require us to remove a comment. Astellas reserves the right to delete any post as its sole discretion. Astellas also reserves the right to block other social media users from accessing the Astellas LinkedIn pages and can discontinue the Astellas LinkedIn pages at any time.

Astellas Social Media Activity:
Official content posted by Astellas on its social media channels represents our views, please be aware that the views expressed by others on Astellas channels are not the views of Astellas, its employees or affiliates. Further, the channels we follow and social content Astellas engages with from third-party channels does not indicate Astellas’ endorsement of those channels, and we cannot attest to the accuracy of the content from those channels or websites. We are not responsible for the content of any third-party posts or external links accessed through our social media channels.

Astellas Privacy Notice:
Astellas respects your right to privacy. Please refer to the Astellas Social Media Privacy Notice for more information on how we handle your personal information on the Astellas LinkedIn channels and other social media channels and for what purposes, how you can exercise your data protection rights and how you can contact us or our data protection officer.

Reporting an Adverse Event:
We suggest sharing as little personal information as possible on the Astellas LinkedIn channels; sharing any specific data concerning your personal health should be avoided. Please contact your physician if you think you have experienced a reaction from an Astellas product. If you want to report an adverse event relating to an Astellas product, please click here.

Due to Astellas being in a highly regulated industry, sometimes we cannot respond right away or answer a user’s question. We cannot reply to all comments on our LinkedIn posts or direct messages received via our LinkedIn channels.

This Global Astellas LinkedIn Community Guidelines page is specific to Astellas LinkedIn channels and intended for a global audience.

Thank you for your interest in connecting with us on our social media channels.

First Issued: March 2024