Starlight Partner activity (patient support activity)

Support for Patients and Their Families

Astellas conducts its business activities based on our raison d'etre of “Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products”. Our main efforts to expand Access to Health lie in discovering, developing and providing innovative healthcare solutions for patients. On the other hand, there are also many problems that cannot be solved by medical treatment because the environment surrounding each patient is different.

We believe that social contribution is an important corporate activity along with the business activity of drug development and providing new medicines. In Japan, we are committed to supporting the activities of patient organizations. We call this social contribution activity "Starlight-Partner Activities (SLP)”.

Basic Policy for Starlight Partner Activities

  1. We promote Starlight-Partner Activities as part of our efforts in "Access to Health"
  2. As a pharmaceutical company, we will engage in activities that we can continue to work on sustainably. 
    We support the self-reliant and sustainable development of patient organizations from the side.
  3. We have established an advisory board of experts to ensure fairness and transparency and to ensure that SLP is progressive and incorporates the needs of patient organizations. And we review our activities on a regular basis.
    An advisory board of experts incorporates the needs of patient organizations to ensure SLP’s fairness, transparency, and innovativeness. We review our activities on a regular basis with the cooperation of the board.
  4. We disclose information of SLP internally and externally to ensure transparency.

About Starlight-Partner Activities

Starlight-Partner Activities support the self-reliance and sustainable development of patient organizations by providing the following trainings

About Starlight-Partner Activities



Achievements of Starlight-Partner Activities


Human resource development support


Program TitleContentsNumber of participating organizationsNumber of participants
Patient Expert ProgramTraining for future group leaders to learn medical environment and debate skills34
Leadership Training ProgramTraining for future group leaders to learn management skills and leadership communication 1825
Peer support trainingTraining for patients and caregivers to learn the basic knowledge of peer support and communication skills3547


Donations to patient organizations
Astellas supports activities and events of patient organizations such as improving disease awareness in society or learning deeply about their own disease with a donation.


Number of organizationsAmount(yen)


Briefing sessions and exchange meetings
Patient organizations that Astellas has funded are invited to share the impact of their activities with Astellas and other organizations at meetings held.


Number of organizationsNumber of participants


Dispatch of peer support training instructors
Astellas has dispatched instructors to support the activities of peer support training sponsored by patient groups.


Number of dispatched instructor organizationsNumber of participants


Free provision of event materials
Astellas has provided free materials for events hosted by patient organizations.


Number of organizationsTotal number of provided materials
Ballpoint penPlastic folderNotebookPaper bagName tag