Starlight Partner activity (patient support activity)

Astellas supports the self-reliance and independent development of patient organizations as part of its social contribution activities.

Donations to patient organizations
Astellas supports activities and events of patient organizations such as improving disease awareness or learning deeply their disease itself with donation.


Number of organizations Amount(yen)
18 3,680,000

Briefing sessions and exchange meetings
Patient organizations that Astellas has funded are invited to share the impact of their activities with Astellas and other organizations at meetings held. 


Number of participating organizations Number of participants
13 19

Workshops for patient organizations
Astellas hosts workshops for leaders of select patient organizations to learn various skills that help improve their organizations’ sustainability. 


Name of Program Contents Number of participating organizations Number of participants
Patient Expert Program Training for future group leaders to learn medical environment and debate skills 9 9
Leadership Training Program Training for future group leaders to learn management skills and leadership communication 
Peer support training Training for patients and caregivers to learn the basic knowledge of peer support and communication skills

Dispatch of peer support training instructors
Astellas has dispatched instructors to support the activities of peer support training sponsored by patient groups.

FY2019   *Canceled in 2020

Number of dispatched instructor organizations Number of participants
6 150

Free provision of event materials
Astellas has provided free materials for event hosted by patient organizations.


Number of organizations Total number of provided materials
Ballpoint pen Plastic folder Notebook Paper bag Name tag
5 270 120 270 0 0