Astellas Healthcare E-city

Astellas Pharma is working to address Access to Health (ATH) issues in various countries.
In Brazil, gastric cancer is one of the leading causes of death, and early treatment intervention through improved medical literacy is an issue in accessing medical care.
Brazil is a large country where growing disparity in medical care between urban and rural areas has become a significant social issue.
Improving health literacy and reducing regional disparities are essential for improving access to medical care in Brazil.

Astellas has collaborated with Pixit, a local Brazilian tech company, to develop the virtual platform "Astellas Healthcare E-city."
Astellas Healthcare E-city provides educational content on the early diagnosis and prevention of gastric cancer partnering with local medical specialists in a virtual platform, Anyone with an internet connection can access the platform and educational resources, which will contribute to greater equity for Brazilians by improving medical literacy across regions and providing value to patients in rural and urban locations.
In the future, the Astellas Healthcare E-city will also be used as a platform to implement various healthcare-related applications and provide opportunities to improve comprehensive patient-based medical access

It also facilitates connections and builds community among those living with gastric cancer.
Increased user knowledge, communication, and connections between users could lead to earlier diagnosis, potentially contributing to reduced healthcare expenditures and better health outcomes.

Astellas believes that through this Astellas Healthcare E-city, we can contribute to improving the medical literacy of the Brazilian people.