Grants for Education and General Research

Astellas is committed to supporting the healthcare community through quality education and research. Astellas funds Grants for Education and Grants for General Research, described below. 

What are Grants for Education?
Grants for Education are grants to fund high-quality, unbiased, evidence-based, educational activities that are independently developed by a grant requestor and aim to improve knowledge, skill, and competence and advance patient outcomes.

Grants for Education Overview:
Astellas and its Alliance partners are committed to supporting high-quality medical education activities or programs that impact the healthcare community. Educational activities may be accredited or non-accredited.  Grant funding can only be provided to eligible organizations and not to individual healthcare professionals. Eligible organizations may include hospitals, academic medical centers, medical schools, professional medical associations/societies, and medical education companies.  

For additional information on Grants for Education, including areas of interest and eligibility criteria, or to apply, visit

Where permitted locally, a portion of a Grant for Education to a Healthcare Organization may be used to cover costs associated with HCPs attending the educational program organized by that same HCO, as long as the Grant for Education is primarily used to fund the educational program itself. 

Healthcare Organisations that wish to request funding to support only HCP congress attendance can learn more about this opportunity here.

Astellas does not provide direct funding to individual HCPs to attend local, regional or international congresses or medical meetings.

What are Grants for General Research?
Grants for General Research are grants to fund an independent research program or project, which does not include specific analysis and/or a protocol to address a research question.  The grant recipient assumes full responsibility for the research. 

(Investigator Sponsored Research is research proposed by a Sponsor-Investigator or institution for which support is requested to obtain an Astellas product and/or funding to perform specific research and the Investigator assumes full responsibilities of the Sponsor. For information on Investigator Sponsored Research, please visit

Grants for General Research Overview:
Requests for Grants for General Research must meet the following criteria:

  • Requests must be unsolicited
  • All research ideas, concepts and proposals must originate from the grant requestor or the requestor’s research partners, without influence from Astellas.
  • External research funded with a Grant for General Research must remain independent from Astellas
  • Astellas cannot be the sole source of external funding for Grants for General Research

For additional information on Grants for General Research or to apply, visit