Access to Medicine Index Report

The Access to Medicine Index (ATMI) report* assesses 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceuticals on their efforts to provide access to medicine in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The Access to Medicine Foundation (ATMF) conducts this assessment every two years using a methodology that considers 3 primary areas: Research and Development, Product Delivery and Governance of Access. Astellas has been an active participant in the Access to Medicine Index since 2010. In the 2022 Access to Medicine Index, Astellas ranked 16 out of 20 pharmaceutical companies.

Astellas’ score improved in both R&D and Governance of Access and moved up a ranking spot in each category in 2022. In addition, Astellas’ overall score increased from 2021. Particularly, our Access to Medicine (AtM) strategy is one of our achievements that ATMF has recognized. Astellas acknowledged the need to create a unified, comprehensive strategy driving access to medicines throughout the products lifecycle. After facilitating discussions, building and ironing out the strategic detail with relevant functions, we created  a comprehensive AtM strategy and a playbook to drive execution. On the other hand, capacity building (part of the Product Delivery category) was identified as an area of opportunity for Astellas.

Astellas’ comprehensive Access to Health focus is connected to the goals stated by the Access to Medicine Foundation, by providing medicines to patients around the world and collaborating with external partners to leverage medical capabilities and technologies on a global level.

The material issues that Astellas addresses are reflected in the ATMI report methodology, such as ethical and responsible business practices, health system strengthening, and quality and supply chain management. This reinforces Astellas’ company-wide commitments to sustainability by transforming into a cutting-edge VALUE-driven life science innovator and strengthening resilient and sustainable business operations to meet expectations of society.