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Access to Health is essential to the health of people around the world. However, there still remain barriers for many people in the world who have difficulty accessing the healthcare they need for a variety of reasons.



Astellas recognizes Access to Health as a materiality, and through our VISION to be "On the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients", we are proactively taking a comprehensive approach to solving this issue through the methods defined below.
Astellas continues to contribute to the health of patients by researching, developing, and delivering innovative healthcare solutions to address diseases with high unmet medical needs ( (1) Astellas’ core business(Rx, Rx+)).
For patients who are unable to receive appropriate medical care for socioeconomic reasons, we have established comprehensive Access to Medicine mechanism to enhance the availability of Astellas therapies while taking into consideration the situation and regulations in each country( (2) Enhancing availability of Astellas products (Access to Medicines).
In addition, Astellas is tackling more diverse issues of Access to Health by collaborating with and supporting the activities of external partners while leveraging our capabilities and technologies( (3) Collaboration and support for the activities implemented by external partners to improve Access to Health).


Astellas’ initiatives for enhancing Access to Health


1.Astellas’ core business (Rx, Rx+)

Astellas’ core business (Rx, Rx+)

Since our establishment, Astellas has continuously strived to create innovative healthcare solutions and deliver them to patients who need them. We will accelerate our research and development based on our Focus Area approach and create diverse healthcare solutions by combining innovative biologies and modalities/technologies. In addition, we will promote the Rx+® business which leverages the expertise and knowledge of Astellas, which have been cultivated through its Rx business, integrates innovative medical technology with cutting-edge technology in different fields, contributes through the patient journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and prognostic care).

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2.Enhancing availability of Astellas products (Access to Medicines)

Enhancing availability of Astellas products (Access to Medicines)

There are patients around the world who, for socioeconomic reasons, have difficulty accessing Astellas therapies. Astellas is committed to enhancing the availability of our products at all stages of the product lifecycle during clinical research, and development and ultimately, bringing the therapy to market. For example, we offer “Support programs” for patients who cannot afford the cost of medication, “Early access programs” to provide our investigational therapies to patients outside of the clinical trial setting and “International pharmacy,” which can facilitate access to certain Astellas therapies in countries where the therapy is not yet approved. We will enhance the availability of Astellas therapies while taking into consideration the characteristics of each measures and regulations in each country.

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3.Collaboration and support for the activities implemented by external partners to improve Access to Health

Collaboration and support for the activities implemented by external partners to improve Access to Health

In addressing the issues of Access to Health, Astellas promotes collaboration with external partners and support for their activities by leveraging Astellas' capabilities and technologies with external partners. In the search for drugs to treat tuberculosis, Astellas is continuing to conduct research with external research institutions, utilizing multiple hit compounds* obtained from the joint research (“Screening PJ”) for the exploration of new compounds for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Furthermore, within a consortium of partners, Astellas is providing its formulation technology to develop a pediatric formulation of praziquantel, a standard treatment for schistosomiasis. In the area of strengthening health systems and improving healthcare literacy, we are funding new projects with external organizations to impact society where anticipates synergy with Astellas sustainability.
The Astellas Global Health Foundation supports the most underserved communities in low and middle income countries where Astellas does not have a business presence. Astellas provides support to the Astellas Foundation for Research on Metabolic Disorders, which contributes to medical and life sciences through the awarding of grants for research initiatives which will support the next generation, as well as the discovery and nurturing of brilliant young talent and support for researchers by providing training and an opportunity to study abroad.

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*Hit compound: A compound with a physiological activity that meets the predefined criteria discovered through compound screening (search for drug discovery seeds).