Science First and Foremost

VALUE Based on Science

Our VISION is to turn Innovative Science into VALUE for patients on the forefront of healthcare changes. We believe that application of cutting-edge science & technology and utilizing our global network to continuously provide innovative treatment options are imperative to achieve our VISION.

We adopt a Focus Area Approach as our research and development strategy. Through the Focus Area Approach, we combine innovative biologies and modalities/technologies to address diseases with high unmet medical needs. In particular, Primary Focus is a specific focal point within our Focus Area Approach where a lead and follow-on projects show a clear R&D path with expected VALUE for patients. Based on criteria such as higher scientific validity and identification of leads and follow-on programs, we are currently working on four Primary Focus. In such Primary Focus, we made significant investments in the areas of Gene and Cell Therapies, as our commitment to bringing innovative treatment options to patients.

In order to deliver VALUE for patients with high integrity, we at all times act with the highest ethical standards.