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Business Development (BD)

The Astellas Business Development (BD) team has a mission to contribute to the Astellas’ VISION “to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients” through partnership. In order to build a business portfolio and create innovation based on Focus Area Approach, which is the foundation for Astellas' drug discovery, our Business Development department is leading the whole process from transaction such as evaluation of partnerships and negotiation of agreements with potential partners to the alliance management and manage/mitigate issues and risks in the collaboration stages. 

The areas of BD’s partnering interest are:

(1) Research to Pre-POC: Cutting-edge technology and/or modality to strengthen Astellas capability to deliver medical solutions to patients (Focus Area Approach).

(2) Post-POC:


  • The candidate is expected to fulfill significant unmet medical needs with a strong potential to change the treatment paradigm.
  • Use a unique approach to address fundamental cause of the disease.

[Business Impact]

  • Substantial business opportunity is expected, driven by innovativeness.
  • Transaction will have an impact on Astellas business at corporate-level with significant contribution to pipeline value.

Our offices are located in Japan, the US and Europe, enabling us to achieve innovative and smooth collaboration with our partner companies. We have a track record of successful collaborations in various forms, including joint research, licensing agreements, M&As, and co-promotions. We are committed to be “a partner of choice” in order to deliver medical treatment for patients with high unmet medical needs.


Astellas Innovation Management(AIM)

Recent Topic: Astellas Innovation Management (AIM) has just opened of a new office in central Cambridge in the UK from April 5th, 2021. The team in Cambridge will be responsible for managing scouting activities for early-stage programs and technologies in the UK, EU, and Middle East regions.

The launch of our new AIM Office in Cambridge UK will enhance the Astellas scouting presence in the UK/EU/Middle East and support the mission of AIM to play an essential role in identifying and promoting cutting-edge science to develop innovative therapeutic approaches for diseases with unmet medical needs. We are particularly interested in early stage partnerships with academia and biopharmaceutical companies.

AIM is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Brisbane, California in the US, Cambridge in the UK, and Tsukuba in Japan and has constructed broad networks with various institutions to enable flexible partnering arrangements since being founded in 2013.

Based on transparent and timely transaction flows, AIM forges a flexible alliance with partners, focusing on drug discovery in addition to preclinical phases. We pursue the goal of realizing collaboration that benefits both sides, with respect for partners’ existing research and leveraging Astellas facilities and human resources. Please check Areas of Interest for our key focuses.

We are committed to transforming innovative science into VALUE for patients in collaboration with various partners who share our VISION.


Astellas Venture Management(AVM)

Astellas Venture Management(AVM)team is the corporate venture capital organization that makes strategic investments in privately owned biotechnology companies. 

Based in Menlo Park, California since its foundation in 1999, the AVM team has forged relationships with various institutions which may lead to larger collaborations in the future.

The strength of AVM lies in our “Pharma View” based on our long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. By providing our portfolio companies with invaluable information and leveraging pharma expertise, we are able to support their steady growth. Moreover, we can be a liaison between our portfolio companies and Astellas by helping them to facilitate a dialogue for future collaborations.

AVM is a strategic investor rather than a financial investor. This means AVM mainly makes equity investments in companies with emerging science that could enhance the current R&D Focus Area and pipelines, that could be one of the next R&D Focus Area, or that could catalyze new directions in Astellas’ drug discovery research. In addition, AVM brings more than just financing: an investment from AVM provides access to Astellas’ R&D expertise and a global network to help advance and accelerate innovation. AVM is especially interested in diseases such as Oncology, Autoimmune/Allergy, Muscle disease and Sensory disorder, and in modalities/technologies such as Cell therapy, Gene Therapy and Vaccines.

Aimed at reinforcement of the R&D pipeline of Astellas, we look for companies which have potential to become Astellas’ collaboration partners in R&D through our investment activities.