Partnering Teams

Partnerships are the enablers of our pipeline both today and in the future.  They are critical to our sense of urgency to provide maximum VALUE to the patients who are waiting.  Our partnering teams support opportunities that are aligned with Astellas’ strategy and culture of open innovation, to drive our pipeline today as well as in the future.

How We Collaborate

How We Collaborate


Each partnership is unique, which is why we develop tailored approaches that are fit for every deal, whether it’s discovery, development and/or commercialization. 

Our expert partnering teams work together to assess and drive scientific innovation through partnerships, investments, collaborations and acquisitions. We work with each partner to identify and implement mutually beneficial approaches, including deal scopes and structures that lead to win-win partnerships along with the personalized support approach from beginning to end of the deal that provides access to the right science and best experts throughout our global organization.


How We Collaborate


We support our partners in accelerating innovation from bench to clinic, to commercialization as quickly as possible. This support includes and is not limited to discovery and development collaborations, clinical trial design and execution, commercial assessment, and line extension including post-marketing studies.


Our Global Partnering Teams

Search and Evaluation
Brings deep scientific, therapeutic, and business insights to quickly identify and assess external opportunities of high value that are aligned with Astellas' strategy and to impact the Astellas pipeline today and in the future. These range from academic alliances to discovery and development collaborations, licensing arrangements with emerging and global bio-pharma companies as well as acquisitions. 

Working with potential partners to create and broker highly flexible individual deal structures, leveraging the key strengths of each partner with our unique capabilities to maximize the value of each deal. Our proven track record of successful transactions demonstrates that the responsibility and autonomy of our partners is appropriately respected at each stage, reflecting what each partner brings to the deal in terms of expertise and capabilities.

Alliance Management
Facilitates partnerships that act as a single brand entity,   supporting stakeholders to further the alliance’s objectives with the patient at the center.  

Astellas Venture Management LLC.
Through its corporate venture capital approach, accelerates our innovation potential by investing in and providing early access to partnerships that are aligned and enhance Astellas’ drug discovery and development pipeline, including building and creating new capabilities and access to experts to new company creation. Please visit the Astellas Venture Management website for further information.