About Us

Many diseases are marked by the accumulation of defective, damaged or no longer required proteins that compromise cellular function.

Autophagy is a key quality control process by which cells eliminate such aberrant proteins.

Potentiating autophagy is a direct way to address the wide range of diseases characterized by defective protein accumulation and is expected as an approach applicable to neurodegeneration, lysosomal storage disorders, renal disease, infectious disease, HIV, cancers, and even some psychiatric disorders.

Astellas utilizes its biochemistry and cell biology expertise in autophagy and aims to provide new safe and effective treatment options to patients who are suffering from various diseases without effective treatments.



Assets and capabilities that Astellas expects from its partners

  • Novel mechanism and target for regulating autophagy
  • Small molecules that can control that mechanism and target (preferably)
  • Screening technologies or novel assays for autophagy regulator