The Astellas Group seeks to enhance its enterprise value in a sustainable manner through its worldwide business activities and maintain the trust of all stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders, employees, and the global community. To achieve this, we must not only continuously provide stakeholders with value through our business activities, but also take proactive measures to ensure legal compliance and corporate accountability and to conserve the environment, based on our recognition of our corporate social responsibility.

This Charter states the Astellas Group's business philosophy (raison d'être, mission, and beliefs) in concrete terms of specific business conduct, and gives clarity to our business partners, customers, and society on how we will conduct ourselves in our activities.

Company executives of the Astellas Group companies fully recognize that they are responsible for implementing this Charter in the Group's actual business activities. The company executives will not only lead by example, but also take necessary action to ensure employee awareness of the Charter and to develop and implement internal systems and training programs for securing ethical corporate conduct. In the event of a violation of this Charter, the company executives will investigate and resolve the issue associated with such violation, while making timely and appropriate disclosures, and implement compliance plans/initiatives to prevent its recurrence. The company executives also recognize that responsibility for any violation by the employees, or our agents or third party representatives may well be attributed to the company and certain disciplinary action may be taken against them as individuals.

The Astellas Group companies must observe both the letter and the spirit of all laws and regulations applicable to their activities and conduct themselves in accordance with the following ten principles based on high ethical standards:

  1. Providing innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products
    To fulfill our raison d'être - "Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products" - we shall dedicate ourselves to research and development activities and provide innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products and relevant services beneficial to our customers and the society at large.
  2. Conducting science-based activities
    To ensure proper use of our pharmaceutical products, we shall provide science-based information on their quality, safety, and efficacy in an appropriate manner. In conducting clinical studies, we shall adhere to scientific rigor as well as take maximum care for patients’ safety and respect their human rights.
  3. Fulfilling disclosure and transparency requirements
    We shall endeavor to communicate interactively with our stakeholders and enhance corporate transparency by making timely, proper, and fair disclosures.
  4. Fair and free competition
    We shall conduct our business activities in an appropriate manner through free and fair competition, and maintain appropriate and sound relationships with healthcare professionals, politicians, government employees, etc.
  5. Sustainable enhancement of enterprise value
    We shall endeavor to meet the expectation of our stakeholders through the enhancement of our enterprise value in a sustainable manner.
  6. Promoting employee welfare
    We shall respect our employees’ human rights, individuality, and differences, promote diversity in the workplace, and provide a safe and rewarding work environment.
  7. Respect for diverse cultures
    In doing business globally, we shall observe international and regional rules, including those related to human rights, as well as applicable laws and regulations, and respect the culture and customs of all nations where we are conducting business.
  8. Promoting environmental conservation
    Recognizing that harmony between the global environment and our business activities is a prerequisite to our corporate existence, we shall take proactive measures to conserve the global environment.
  9. Engaging in philanthropic activities
    As good corporate citizens, we shall actively engage in charitable and other activities to benefit society.
  10. Selecting ethical business partners
    We understand that organized crime is unlawful, unethical and threatening to public safety. We shall be careful in selecting business partners to avoid association with individuals or groups who violate the law or who otherwise support or participate in organized crime activities.

[Scope of Applicability]

This Charter applies to Astellas Pharma Inc. and all member companies within the Astellas Group located in Japan or overseas.