Corporate Strategic Plan 2021

Evolved strategy. Ambitious goals. Transformative execution. Same deep commitment to our VISION.

In the continuous pursuit of Astellas’ VISION to be “On the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients”, Corporate Strategic Plan 2021 (CSP2021) maps the next five years of our journey.


New Three Types of Goal

CSP2021 consists of three types of goal that mutually reinforce each other as they are pursued:

New Three Types of Goal

①Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals reflect the chosen path and priorities for the next 5 years that will bring us closer to our VISION.

②Organizational Health Goals

Organizational Health Goals inspire us to create an internal environment that unlocks our full potential to innovate and execute as One Astellas.

③Performance Goals

Performance Goals are aspirational signals of sustained high performance against our plan and the subsequent enhancement of Astellas’ enterprise value.


Evolving Our Strategy and Building on Our Success

Evolving Our Strategy and Building on Our Success

In CSP2021, does not mark a departure but the next chapter of the same fundamental strategy and the continued pursuit of innovation under our common definition of VALUE.
The Focus Area approach has been applied throughout our previous CSP and this has brought Astellas to the dawn of a new era in the realization of patient VALUE. Our unwavering commitment to this continues as a key feature of our new CSP.
Beyond this, Astellas has leveraged its strengths to expand and maximize VALUE of its innovative prescription medicines (Rx) portfolio, changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for the better.
Having launched the Rx+® business, we continue to explore new ways to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients by applying digital technologies, devices, diagnostics and bioelectronics.
In these ways, Astellas’ ability to bring VALUE to society and to succeed as a business is secure as we transition from one CSP to the next.

Evolving our strategy and building on our success

The Focus Area Approach

Our Focus Area Approach is defined as combinations of three components: (1) biologies with high disease relevance, (2) versatile modalities/technologies, and (3) diseases with high unmet medical needs that are expected to be tackled by the first two components. This new established approach focus on the drug discovery targets by using a multi-faceted perspective. Among the combinations of biology, modality/technology, and disease, combinations identified based on criteria such as scientific relevance, feasibility, and project enrichment and progress are defined as Primary Focus, which are prioritized for R&D investment.

CSP2021, we will further enhance the execution of the company’s Focus Area approach and accelerate and expand our Primary Focuses as we aim to establish multiple innovative medical solutions.

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The Focus Area Approach

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