A Closer Look at CSP2021 Goals

The Strategic Goals, Organizational Health Goals, and Performance Goals in the CSP 2021 outline the opportunities to accelerate our progress towards our VISION and to achieve significant and sustainable growth.

①Strategic Goals

VALUE creation and delivery will be maximized by pursuing these 4 goals:


This reflects our commitment towards maximizing:

i.    Sustainable patient access to our portfolio

ii.    Outcomes that those patients achieve as a consequence


 Taking our execution of the Focus Area approach to the next level by: 

i.    Accelerating proof of VALUE and expansion of our Primary Focuses

ii.    Effective exploration of the cutting-edge of biopharmaceutical innovation


We continue to pursue this groundbreaking path to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients.
The Rx+® business will commercialize multiple solutions during this CSP period while building and accelerating its pipeline.


We recognize the importance of our commitment to sustainability; maximizing positive societal impact and being recognized for it.

②Organizational Health Goals

We have adopted three Organizational Health Goals (OHG) to foster an internal environment where exceptional execution and performance are cultivated and sustained over time:


People are empowered to take appropriate risks and supported to be ‘outcome-driven’ and ‘innovation-focused.’


Purposeful talent management with a consistent leadership style that enables the desired mindset and behaviors.


People co-operate effectively, with robust and coordinated execution, to achieve common goals.

③Performance Goals

Performance Goals enable us to measure successful execution of CSP2021 and indicate our aspirations in financial terms. We define our targets in three key aspects:


At least 1.2 trillion yen in sales of XTANDI and key strategic products* in fiscal year 2025
*XOSPATA, PADCEV, Evrenzo, Fezolinetant, Zolbetuximab, Resamirigene bilparvovec (AT132) 

Pipeline Value

Expected sales from Focus Area assets of more than 500 billion yen in fiscal year 2030

Core Operating Profit Margin

More than 30% core operating profit margin in fiscal year 2025

By achieving these Performance Goals, we will improve our current benefit and also increase our pipeline value, a value that will bring robust growth in the future. To this end, we aim to become a company with a market capitalization valued at more than 7 trillion yen in fiscal year 2025.

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Three Interconnected Goals Accelerate the Execution

Three interconnected goals accelerate the execution

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