Drug Research

Astellas is conducting its research activities in line with our Focus Area Approach, to realize its VISION.
In its research division, we have introduced a unique model of operation similar to bio-venture companies. Each research unit, led by entrepreneurial leaders, are given a high degree of autonomy and mobility to accomplish their objectives. Subject matter experts with strong expertise within each unit engage with external partners, such as academia and bio-ventures, to provide VALUE for patients all across the world.

Organizational Structure

Astellas’ research affiliates can be divided into three groups based on their key mission.

Product Creation Units are a collection of in-house bio-ventures which spur product creation. They have adopted an agile operating model and a growth mechanism that mimics external bio-venture ecosystems.

Applied Research & Operations enhances the efficiency and quality of the product creation process, leveraging their capabilities as a large well-funded pharma company and their expertise in cutting-edge platform technologies, regulatory sciences and translational sciences to help the product creation units move forward.

Administration Functions deliver a holistic strategy, coordination, and interconnectivity among the affiliates.

Organizational Structure

The Product Creation Units consist of acquired bio-ventures, bio-ventures that have grown in-house, and Venture Units which are growing to be the next generation of bio-ventures within Astellas. 
Please refer to the panels below to see the detailed activities of each unit.

In-house Bio-ventures (acquired and in-house grown)


Cell based Immuno-Oncology therapies, combining ACCEL technology and Universal Donor Cells technology

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Venture Units

Where We Are

Each Research Engines is creating VALUE autonomously at each site in Japan, United States and Europe.
All of the Research Engines featured below have access to top-tier Scientific Advisory Board members, and we are continually looking to grow our expertise by forming partnerships with the best and brightest companies working in our Focus areas.

Where We Are