Tokyo, April 26, 2011 – Asteallas Pharma Inc. (TOKYO: 4503, “Astellas”) expresses its deepest sympathy for those who have lost their lives and been displaced by the Eastern Japan Earthquake, which devastated the region on March 11, 2011. Astellas looks forward to a quick recovery from this natural calamity and offers its support in the relief efforts. Astellas reports on the most recent conditions of its facilities, which it has confirmed until today in the wake of the Eastern Japan Earthquake.

1.      Conditions of Disaster Affected Facilities
All employees at Takahagi Chemistry & Technology Development Center (Process Chemistry Labs.) and Takahagi Technology Center (Astellas Pharma Tech Co., Ltd.,”Astellas Pharma Tech”, Formerly Astellas Pharma Chemicals Co., Ltd.’s Takahagi Plant) have returned to work as of April 18. Research activities at the Takahagi Chemistry & Technology Development Center have already resumed, and the facility is expected to restart full operations in June. Furthermore, restoration of manufacturing facilities is progressing at the Takahagi Technology Center and production is expected to begin from October. The Takahagi Technology Center manufactures the drug substances of Harnal, Bonoteo, and others and adequate inventories of mainstay products will allow us to continue to stably provide supplies. And as announced previously, full operations have resumed at the Nishine Plant of Astellas Pharma Tech on April 6.
2.      Impact Upon Earnings
Based upon all the information available as of this announcement, Astellas estimates that the total costs of repairs resulting from damages to the Takahagi Chemistry & Technology Development Center, Takahagi Technology Center, Nishine Plant, Tsukuba Research Center (Miyukigaoka), Tsukuba Biotechnology Research Center (Tokodai) and others, buildings, research related equipment, machinery and equipment, and fixed costs arising from the suspension of operations amount to approximately JPY4.5 billion and are expected to be realized and booked as special losses. Out of such amount, approximately JPY3.0 billion will be booked in fiscal year 2010 (from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011).

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