(Acquisition of treasury stock pursuant to the provision of its Articles of Incorporation in accordance with Article 165, paragraph 2 of the Companies Act)

Japan, November 5, 2008 – Astellas Pharma Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President and CEO: Masafumi Nogimori, hereinafter called the “the Company”) announced that at the meeting of the Board of Directors held today, a resolution was adopted to acquire its treasury stock pursuant to Article 156 which is applicable in accordance with Article 165, paragraph 3 of the Companies Act.




1.Reasons for the acquisition of treasury stock
   To improve capital efficiency and enhance return to shareholders.

2.Contents of acquisition

(1) Class of shares to be acquired: Common stock of the Company

(2) Total number of shares to be acquired:9.0 million shares(maximum)
(The percentage compared to the total number of shares outstanding: 1.88%)

(3) Aggregate amount of acquisition cost: 40 billion yen (maximum) 

(4) Period of acquisition: From November 7, 2008 to December 12, 2008


The status of treasury stock as of September 30, 2008:
     Total number of shares outstanding:           478,999,755 shares
     Number of treasury stock:                           24,964,880 shares

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