Tokyo: September 9, 2013 - Toa Eiyo Ltd. (Tokyo; Unlisted; “Toa Eiyo”) and Astellas Pharma Inc. (Tokyo: 4503; “Astellas”) announced today that, on September 10, 2013, Toa Eiyo and Astellas will launch Bisono® Tape 4 mg and Bisono® Tape 8 mg (collectively, “Bisono® Tape”, nonproprietary name: bisoprolol), a transdermal patch of β1 blocker for the first time in the world.

Bisono® Tape, co-developed by Toa Eiyo and Nitto Denko Corporation, is a transdermal medication which contains 4 mg or 8 mg of bisoprolol, a β1 selective blocking agent, and is the world’s first transdermal patch of β1 blocker and the first transdermal hypertension medication in Japan.

Bisono® Tape has the following characteristics:
1.   Hypertension* medicine in tape provides a new choice.  
It is a transdermal patch of β1 blocker for the first time in the world.   
*The indication of Bisono® Tape is essential hypertension (mild to moderate cases).
2.   Antihypertensive effect for 24 hours. 
Build up of blood concentration is gentle and provides antihypertensive effect for 24 hours through once-daily administration.
3.   Dose-dependently controls blood pressure. Effective for 52 weeks. 
Bisono® Tape is available in 4 mg and 8 mg and the dose-dependent antihypertensive effect  provides favorable blood pressure control for long periods.
4.   Visible tape supports continuation of treatment. 
The tape supports the continuation of treatment of patients with aspiration concerns and difficulties in maintaining medical compliance. It is also expected to improve medication adherence.
5.   The main side-effects found in clinical trials in Japan were itchiness, dermatitis and erythema of applied region, and so on. Clinical trial abnormal value changes were blood triglyceride increase, ALT (GPT) increase, blood uric acid increase and eosinophil percentage increase, and so on.

Toa Eiyo is the marketing approval holder, Astellas will distribute and sell the prcoduct, and both companies will promote it. 



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