Feb 6, 2024

Alpha Fusion Inc. (President and CEO: Sunao Fujioka, “Alpha Fusion”) began their new activities as the first startup at SakuLabTM-Tsukuba.

Alpha Fusion is a startup company established to advance some research primarily led by Osaka University and QiSS*. The company is developing investigational agents for refractory cancer by Targeted Alpha Therapy (TAT) using Astatine (At-211). It aims to deliver the Astatine drug to patients through collaborations with several research institutes and cyclotron manufacturers.

SakuLabTM-Tsukuba is an open innovation laboratory located at Astellas’ Tsukuba Research Center in Tsukuba, Japan. Lab users have access to ready-to-use lab equipment and non-confidential consultation on a wide range of drug discovery research activities and networking opportunities with Astellas’ scientists.

*QiSS (Quantum Innovation for Safe and Smart Society): a consortium established by the Japan Science and Technology Agency's Open Innovation Platforms with Enterprises, Research Institutes, and Academia (JST OPERA) and led by Osaka University