Purpose of Astellas’ social contribution activities

Astellas seeks to make social contributions to enhance the sustainability of society and as a result, also to enhance our own sustainability.
We contribute to society not only by providing innovative products but also by creating an environment which connects patients and medical care. By making social contributions as a pharmaceutical company, we earn trust from society and our stakeholders, which consequently promotes Astellas' sustainability.

Priority areas of Astellas’ Domestic Social Contribution Activities 

Astellas conducts a variety of activities on a global basis to support patients fighting diseases and their family members. We have prioritized areas of social issues in Japan, which are highly relevant to our business and our utilize our strengths.
To see the details of our initiatives, categorized in three areas, please click the links below.


1. 1st Priority: Addressing Access to Health issues ~Support for patients and their family members~
2. 2nd Priority: Advancement of Medical Sciences ~Support for medical professionals~
3. 3rd Priority: Community Development ~Participation in volunteer activities to deal with local health problems~