Tumor-directed Inhibition Research Unit

The Tumor-directed Inhibition Research Unit focuses on Targeted Protein Degrader-based approaches targeting proteins derived from cancer driver mutations that generate cancers untreatable with previous therapeutic approaches. We will strive to create therapeutic agents to offer new options for patients who suffer from the lack of effective treatments.

We are highly focused on targeted medicines as monotherapy, and as combination partners for immuno-oncology medicines, targeting cancer drivers that have been considered as undruggable.

As our research unit is also responsible for research part of the Primary Focus Candidate, Cancer Genomic Alteration. Please check here to know more about this Primary Focus Candidate.


Masahiko Hayakawa, PhD

Unit Head

Masahiko Hayakawa, PhD

Hayakawa had worked as a medicinal chemist in areas including oncology and urology and has contributed to the creation of multiple launched products as an inventor. He then moved to the planning department and participated in the strategy planning for Drug Discovery Research. He assumed the Executive Director role in Modality Management in 2018. He has been in his present position since April 2019.


Our goal is to create novel drugs targeting key cancer drivers which have been considered as undruggable for a long time. We believe that we can change tomorrow for cancer patients by best utilizing the new technologies to tackle such undruggable targets. To achieve this challenging goal, we will strengthen collaboration with external partners who are full of venture minds.