Rx+® business is defined as a business that leverages the expertise and knowledge of Astellas, which have been cultivated through its Rx business, integrates innovative medical technology with cutting-edge technology in different fields, contributes to patients through Patient Journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and prognostic care) and creates new revenue streams separate from our core Rx products.

Astellas has mapped out ”Rx+ Story®” as the strategic direction of Rx+® business creation, and aims to realize “a world where people can live mentally and physically healthy lives and be true to themselves through healthcare solutions based on scientific evidence.“

To this end, we are working to create the following three value propositions: 

  • Prevent disease onset and slow progression by using personal data
  • Expand options for people with limited access to current therapeutics
  • Support active living by enhancing physical and sensory function

We're working on six Spheres.

To make Rx+ Story® a reality, we have established the following six areas, which we call "Spheres.” We are actively developing new businesses in these Spheres:
(1) Chronic Disease Progression Prevention; (2) Motor Function Support/Replacement; (3) Digital × Neuroscience; (4) Patient w/o Effective Medicines; (5) Patient Outcome Maximization via Precise Surgery/Diagnosis; and (6) Sensory Function Support/Replacement.



You can learn more about the outcomes and future perspectives of developing the Rx+® programs, and the topics of each program from seminar material of “Astellas Rx+® Day” held in March 2021.
Please check here for the seminar video. 


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