Engineered Phage Therapy Research Unit

Our mission is to change the current landscape of antimicrobial approaches and improve outcomes for patients with serious infectious diseases by employing game-changing engineered bacteriophage* therapy technologies.

We are aiming to create multiple lead programs for the treatment of bacterial infections and microbiome**-associated diseases using engineered bacteriophages.

*Please check here for the explanation of engineered bacteriophage.
**Microbiome: The entire collection of microorganisms and their genomic elements in a particular environment including in or on the human body.

Ando H, Lemire S, Pires DP, Lu TK.
Engineering Modular Viral Scaffolds for Targeted Bacterial Population Editing.
Cell Syst. 2015 Sep 23;1(3):187-196. doi: 10.1016/j.cels.2015.08.013

Gifu University and Astellas establish a Research Course on Phage Biologics, aimed at creating new treatments for bacterial infections


Hideaki Matsuoka, PhD

Unit Head

Hideaki Matsuoka, PhD

Matsuoka has worked as a research scientist in the fields of immunology, cell biology, and molecular biology and moved to the venture management and scouting division in the United States. During his time in this position, he built business networks and engaged with innovator communities in the US and Japan. He assumed the Executive Director role in Modality Management in 2019. He has been in his present position since April 2020.


Our mission is to develop an original engineered phage therapy by through external cutting-edge technologies. To achieve this goal, Ando has joined our team and is currently leading the Phage Biologics Research Course established in Gifu University. We will continue to expand our networks.


Hiroki Ando, PhD

Principal Investigator* of Astellas

(Project Associate Professor, Gifu University)
Hiroki Ando, PhD
* Principal Investigator (PI): One of the research profession of Astellas

Ando is an expert in synthetic biology and has worked to develop the next generation phage therapy technology. After graduating from the doctoral course at Osaka University, he studied novel drug resistance mechanisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis as a Senior Researcher in the National Center for Global Health and Medicine. He then studied phage engineering platform and synthetic phages as a Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2017, he became an Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Medicine at Gifu University. In March 2020, he joined Astellas as a Principal Investigator.