We, at Astellas, are actively advancing new modalities/technologies based on our research and development strategy, the Focus Area Approach.
Here we introduce our initiatives on Cell and Gene Therapies —where we concentrate our R&D investments —the foundational technologies and capabilities of each respective platform, and our strategic approach.

Innovative Cell and Gene Therapies

In recent years, Cell and Gene Therapies have started to become a reality with innovative new treatments for diseases being developed. Aspiring to bring life-changing treatments to patients suffering from diseases that lack treatment options, Astellas focuses on the potential of Cell and Gene Therapies. These therapies may have the potential to transform patients’ lives and cure diseases in one or only a few treatments by addressing the root cause of the diseases rather than the symptoms. The therapies have the potential to resolve unmet medical needs and provide new VALUE to patients, their families, and society.


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