Rx+® - New Healthcare Solutions Beyond Medicine




In order to realize Astellas' VISION of "on the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into VALUE for patients,” we recognize that we can take different approaches from treatment with prescription drugs (Rx) by leveraging the strengths we’ve acquired through Rx development. Based on this concept, Astellas launched a new initiative called Rx+® business. 

Rx+® business is defined as a business that leverages the expertise and knowledge of Astellas, which have been cultivated through its Rx business, integrates innovative medical technology with cutting-edge technology in different fields, contributes to patients through Patient Journey (overall medical care, including diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and prognostic care) and create new revenue streams separate from our core Rx products. This is the innovative value we are aiming to provide through the Rx+® initiative.

“A world where people can live mentally and physically healthy lives and be true to themselves through healthcare solutions based on scientific evidence”― This is the world for which we aim in "Rx+ Story®," a strategic direction for the creation of Rx+® businesses that will allow us to realize the following three value propositions:

  • Prevent disease onset and slow progression by using personal data
  • Expand options for people with limited access to current therapeutics
  • Support active living by enhancing physical and sensory function




We're working on six Spheres.

To make Rx+ Story® a reality, we have established the following six areas, which we call "Spheres.” We are actively developing new businesses in these Spheres:

  • Chronic Disease Progression Prevention
  • Motor Function Support/Replacement
  • Digital × Neuroscience
  • Patient w/o Effective Medicines
  • Patient Outcome Maximization via Precise Surgery/Diagnosis
  • Sensory Function Support/Replacement

When collaborating with partners, we are flexible in approach, open to not only joint research and development, but also investment and asset acquisition. We will focus on maximizing value with our partners at each stage of the process: idea generation, evidence development, and social implementation. In idea generation, we will tackle both creating ideas that expand opportunities for partners’ technologies and seeking ideas of technologies that are applicable to problems we want to solve. In order to obtain evidence necessary for commercialization, we will collaborate with our partners on non-clinical and clinical research and development. For social implementation, we will cooperate actively to create products and services that are both beneficial and user-friendly.



You can learn more about the outcomes and future perspectives of developing the Rx+® programs, and, the topics of each program on the seminar material of “Astellas Rx+® Day” held in March 2021.
Please check here for the seminar video.