Sensory Function Support/Replacement

In our daily lives, we receive, transmit, and process information from the outside world even unconsciously. Much of the information about the outside world is received by the sensory organs (eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin), and internal organs (i.e. bladder and intestine). And that is transmitted to and processed by the brain, where it is interpreted as light (vision), sound (auditory sense), smell (sense of smell), taste (taste), feel (sense of touch) and sensation that develops in various internal organs.

What happens if these functions are compromised? Needless to say, quality of life (QOL) is greatly affected.

With Sphere "Sensory Function Support/Replacement," we aim to improve QOL of people with impaired sensory functions by incorporating new science and technology, such as engineering, in order to develop a multidisciplinary and superior solution, including the development of sensory function, and a system that supports the patient, surrounding family members, as well as doctors and caregivers. With the elemental technologies to control a sensory function established through these initiatives, we plan to develop new replacement solutions for sensory dysfunction. We are looking at solutions and services that promote, complement, and replace sensory functions, specifically implantable devices, wearable devices, and digital applications. In order to achieve these goals, we wish to receive proposals from external partners using the technologies such as:

Assets and capabilities that Astellas expects from its partners

  • Neural Stimulation Techniques
  • Digital Technologies (IoT, big data, cloud, AI)


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