Digital × Neuroscience

Drug Discovery Research aimed at treating central nervous system (CNS) diseases has led to the discovery of a number of medicines that are now being used in practice. On the other hand, not all medications can relieve patients from problems associated with their diseases, and CNS disorder is still an area with a high number of unmet medical needs.

Sphere "Digital × Neuroscience" aims to provide medical solutions that utilize digital technology to help address daily problems caused by CNS disorders. In addition, by combining multiple medical solutions, we aim to provide personalized solutions tailored to each individual's symptoms. In the long term, we aim to prevent the onset of disease and prevent the worsening of symptoms by early detection and improvement of various symptoms recognized in CNS disorders through the acquisition of various biometric information.

What Astellas Wishes to Receive from External Partners

Solutions that utilize cutting-edge science and bioelectronics technologies to address symptoms such as sleep disorders and impulsive behavior that can be predicted from biological information common to CNS diseases.


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