On the forefront of healthcare change
to turn innovative science into value for patients

Turn changes into opportunities

Create innovative new drugs and medical solutions by leveraging our core capabilities

Go beyond GCL*

View business opportunities from multiple perspectives, and embrace change

*GCL: Global Category Leader

Innovative medical solutions by combining variety of internal and external healthcare capabilities

Innovative medical solutions by combining variety
of internal and external healthcare capabilities

Astellas Value Creation Process

Astellas stands on the forefront of healthcare change, turning innovative science into value for patients.
By repeating this cycle continuously, we are pursuing the sustainable growth of corporate value.

Astellas Value Creation Process

Our Approach to the Value Creation Process

Astellas’ raison d’être is to “contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products.”
Based on this, we aim to stand on the forefront of healthcare change, turning innovative science into value for patients. The keys to our success will be our Focus Areas, Principles of Activity, and Drivers, which describe where we should create value and how we should act to realize that value. Guided by this approach, we will create innovation with a central focus on the innovative drug business.
This process originates with advances in science, and Astellas then allocates sufficient funds and implements measures to satisfy the requests and expectations of stakeholders. By creating value for patients, through this process, we will generate funds to sustain the next phase of growth and provide returns to stakeholders.
Astellas will continue to follow this cycle to achieve sustainable growth of corporate value.

Focus Areas

Amid continuing evolution in the healthcare industry, Astellas needs to identify business opportunities more flexibly and efficiently than ever in order to achieve further growth. We will define our Focus Areas by adding multiple perspectives to our conventional viewpoint of therapeutic areas. We will factor in a consideration of new technologies and treatment approaches, product development feasibility and new possibilities for commercialization, market trends and changes in pharmaceutical laws and regulations. Our goal is to identify areas of unmet need and find new business opportunities.

Principles of Activity

In a fast-changing business environment, it is crucial to have the flexibility to reexamine business fields as needed—even those that have been carefully selected as opportunities at some point in the past. Astellas aims to drive further evolution by having all employees remain mindful of the three-step process of Focus our resources on identified areas, Redefine the focus when appropriate, and Expand the focus for the next generation of activity, as they carry out their activities.


One of the drivers for Astellas to achieve sustainable growth is its core capabilities, which constitute the source of its competitive edge. It is vital to carefully identify our essential capabilities and enhance them until they are among the world’s best. At the same time, when there are outstanding capabilities outside the Company, we will proactively form partnerships. By combining optimal capabilities, both internal and external, we enhance our productivity and creativity to maximize our value creation capabilities. Moreover, in the Astellas Way*, we have defined a shared set of values and actions to be embraced by all our employees as part of efforts to foster a corporate culture to help realize our Business Philosophy. At the same time, we remain committed to understanding the requests and expectations of a multitude of stakeholders, including patients, and transforming that understanding into value.

*For details on the Astellas Way, Five Messages for One Astellas―Patient Focus, Ownership, Results, Openness, and Integrity