Astellas USA Foundation

The long-term goal of AUSF is to support programs and activities that contribute to the overall well-being of the general public.

Our areas of focus
- Health and Well-being
- High-quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education
- Disaster Relief

For further detail, please visit Astellas USA Foundation website.

Astellas European Foundation

AEF supports programs and activities which work towards the advancement of healthier societies. 
AEF is committed to providing long-term support to basic medical and related scientific programs. This includes support to academic researches via separate prize funds to Uro-Oncology, Transplantation and Functional Urology/Uro-Gynaecology communities.
AEF has also been supporting the charity focused on delivering healthcare resources to where they are most needed in the developing world, such as Save the Children and International Health Partners.

For further detail, please visit Astellas European Foundation website..

Astellas Asia-Oceania Foundation

Astellas Asia/Oceania Foundation is involved in a number of activities aimed at promoting sustainable development in Asia and Oceania. These include (1) promoting medical science, (2) contributing to improvements and advances in healthcare (working towards the UN Millennium Development Goals, helping to resolve global health issues, etc.) and (3) assisting with relief efforts following major natural disasters.
In regards to healthcare initiatives, we are committed to support improving health of mothers and infants who live in the slum in India through the three-year project with the NGO, Save the Children.
In 2013, we also made donations to the suffers in the Phippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan, to suffers hit by an earthquake in the area of Bohol, the Philippines, to assist with relief activities.

Astellas Foundation for Research on Metabolic Disorders

Research on life-science, especially drug discovery research and development of treatment method, is encouraged. The objective of the foundation is to contribute to the development of the medical treatment and the progress of medicine.

Astellas Foundation for Research on Metabolic Disorders