At Astellas our global oncology portfolio includes treatments for both blood cancers and solid tumours. Our oncology research efforts are currently focused on acute myeloid leukaemia, urothelial cancer, gastric cancer and prostate cancer.

With continued commitment to oncology Astellas continues to improve outcomes for patients across the spectrum of prostate cancer.

At Astellas, we understand every patient experience is unique and the treatment journey can have far reaching implications for the lives of patients and their loved ones. We aim to enhance the lives of patients and others impacted by cancer by delivering innovative treatments and supports.

Our vision is to turn innovative science into value for patients, and we are focused on reducing the burden of care through evidence-based treatments, as well as education support programmes.

We are partnering to improve patient outcomes. We have established collaborations and partnerships across academia, industry, healthcare institutions, to discover, develop and bring unique treatments to patients.

Astellas has a deep rooted organisation-wide culture of commitment to doing good for others and improving the lives of patients and families touched by cancer.

MAT-IE-NON-2024-00019  - Date of Preparation April 2024.