Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd is a member company of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (“EFPIA”). The EFPIA Code of Practice requires all member companies to document and disclose certain Transfers of Value they make, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) or Healthcare Organisations (HCOs).

Astellas discloses Transfers of Value to HCPs and HCOs in accordance with its commitment to the EFPIA Code of Practice and the relevant local codes of practice and/or local legal requirements, and in accordance with all applicable data protection laws and regulations.

Our commitment: Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd is fully committed to increased transparency within the pharmaceutical industry and to strengthening the public trust in the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs and HCOs.

Disclosure Reports

Below are the reports and methodological notes for each country publishing data in accordance with the EFPIA Code of Practice.

The EFPIA Code of Practice Self-Certification Scheme requires member companies to post the self-certification letter on their website. The Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd. letter is attached for 20172018 and 2019


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