At Astellas, we are driven to turn innovative science into value for patients. It’s the ethos that guides everything we do – and is the measure by which we judge our success.

After training as a molecular biologist, I joined the pharmaceutical industry and have been fortunate to work across R&D, general management, sales and marketing and in all corners of the globe – from Latin America, USA, Japan and Singapore to my most recent position heading up Astellas Established Markets, encompassing Europe, Australia, Canada and the UK.

I am inspired to learn from and understand the needs of our customers – be they patients, payers or physicians – and to reflect that in how we approach our business. At our core is the ability to follow the science and delve into highly innovative areas of medicine where people’s needs are often overlooked or underserved.

Building on our heritage and experience, our pipeline is bearing the fruit of this science-first approach, allowing us to move into new areas, including women’s health and highly specialised medicines such as cell and gene therapy. This means putting the patient at the heart of every decision we make, focusing on where the need is great, but treatment options are few – pioneering at pace to discover healthcare solutions with the possibility of making a difference in the lives of patients and their families.

“At a time when healthcare systems across the world are stretched, there is growing demand for measurable results showing the true value of innovative science and medicines”

During the pandemic, we had to innovate and respond to changes in the healthcare environment in an agile and meaningful way. What has been key during this time has been the ability to listen.  We recognised early on that further adaptation will be required to meet the changing market environment and demands and expectations of our customers.

Having the right corporate culture is integral to this – a culture of collaboration, integrity and teamwork that has grown from our Japanese roots. This openness to listen, willingness to support one another and dedication to how we engage as a company shapes every facet of how we work.

I am thrilled to be continuing my Astellas journey and being a part of an innovation-focused organisation where employees are empowered to act entrepreneurially and where partnerships thrive. We’ve remained at the forefront of change and, as we continue to push boundaries, our guiding principles remain unchanged. Collaboration and customer focus have been – and will continue to be – critical to ensuring we work together towards the same goal: delivering value, improving health outcomes and making a meaningful difference for the patients we serve.

 Claus Zieler
President, Established Markets

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