Astellas is changing the way we do business with our suppliers. In collaboration with SAP Ariba, Astellas is implementing new technologies and processes via a global transformation program with a clear-cut goal: simplify worldwide practices and optimize interactions across global business functions. Under a single operating model, global technology platform and standardized data set Accounting, Indirect Procurement, and Supply Chain can work efficiently and effectively with you, our valued supplier partners.

This new program is being delivered in November 2019 to our North American (US and Canadian) affiliates and supply partners. It is our intent that this program is mutually beneficial to those with whom we do business. Process efficiencies including the automation of supplier onboarding, procurement (Purchase Order delivery) and payables will now be offered via the Ariba Network, replacing the existing Astellas Supplier Portal (DCI.)

Limited impact to business operations is anticipated as this program is delivered

  • The issuance of new Purchase Orders will be halted in the last week of October 2019
  • Existing Purchase Orders with open balances will be closed
  • These Purchase Orders will automatically be migrated to the new system and will be transmitted electronically
    • IMPORTANT: New Purchase Order Numbers will be assigned as a result of this transition
  • Payments will be issued in a timely fashion

Future communications regarding this transformation will be delivered via email.

Please visit this website periodically for updates regarding this very important initiative. Program updates including program milestones key updates, FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions, and more.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Questions regarding this initiative should be addressed to the Purchasing team. Visit the Contacts & Resources page for a list of local contacts.