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Changing Tomorrow Day is the company’s annual day of service and serves as a powerful reminder of the meaningful impact we can make in our community. New for 2021, Changing Tomorrow Day efforts offered an exciting change to add flexibility for employees: an extended format than enabled in-person or virtual volunteerism over a three-month period. All activities also directly benefitted 11 Employee Impact Group (EIG) charity partners.

Changing Tomorrow Day

Between October and January 17, 2022, 1,200 employees worked together as One Astellas to volunteer nearly 6,000 hours to veterans, cancer patients, individuals with disabilities and others in our communities. Employees shared fun and inspiring stories, often involving families and friends in the activities as well.

At Astellas, our commitment to improving the health and well-being of patients, neighbors and communities is at the core of what we do. Our employees are at the heart of this commitment – and Changing Tomorrow Day represents a shared passion for giving back. Since 2009, Astellas employees in the Americas have donated more than 155,000 hours of their time to volunteer in their communities.

In 2021, the Sustainability Team and the seven EIGs worked together to create a program that would enable U.S. employees to participate in programs that would directly impact EIG Charity Partners. 

Across the United States, employees, their families and friends joined together to build bags filled with handwritten notes and comfort items for homeless and hospitalized veterans, for cancer patients, LGBTQ youth, women, foster youth and individuals with disabilities. Additionally, Astellas employees contributed nearly $30,000 in goods, including an Astellas 2:1 match, to EIG Charity Partners through a virtual drive to help 10 charities serve community members in need.

Paid Volunteer Time Off

To extend our impact throughout the year, Astellas employees volunteer at other forums such as the company’s National Sales Forum and annually are offered up to five paid days off to volunteer at a charitable organization of their choice. In 2020, Astellas expanded the volunteer time off benefit to allow full-time employees up to four weeks of volunteer time.