Dr. Anthony Yanni

Dr. Anthony Yanni
Senior Vice President and Head of Patient Centricity







With a shared vision to better and more genuinely understand the patient journey in the real-world setting, we are addressing key areas that matter to patients in order to provide the best possible outcomes. Our goal is to apply unique patient perspectives to every phase of medicine development – from early research to development and ultimately, delivery.

“At the end of the day, we are not here to treat a patient – we’re here to care for a person. Having a conscious awareness of that person in every activity, from every area of the company, every single day, ensures we will create the most meaningful innovations.”

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our commitment to Patient Centricity at Astellas. Learn even more in this article featured on our global page.

The Astellas Patient Centricity Team

The Astellas Patient Centricity team, comprised of industry experts from diverse backgrounds, is organized into four distinct teams – Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights, Patient Insights and Solutions, Patient Partnerships and the Behavioral Science Consortium – and is committed to capturing and integrating the insights of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and advocacy partners into our unique approach to patient-focused medicine development and delivery.


Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights (MIPI)

The Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights team collaborates with research and development colleagues to provide a deep understanding of the exam-room dynamic, replicating what is happening between a healthcare provider and patient. This context allows us to uncover unmet patient needs and directly weave the patient perspective into drug development for specific disease areas.


Patient Insights and Solutions (PInS)

Seeking to understand and address the “last mile” of care, the Patient Insights and Solutions team uses patient data to provide a deep knowledge of patient dynamics in real-world settings and create personalized solutions to improve care. PInS connects directly with patients, caregivers, and healthcare practitioners to uncover the social and emotional factors impacting care to address patient needs and the barriers to achieving optimal outcomes.


Patient Partnerships (PPat)

The Patient Partnerships team is focused on building trusted relationships with patients and advocacy organizations worldwide, seeking to understand the person as well as the medical need. PPat actively engages with patients and caregivers around the world to listen and understand their journey to enable patient-centered decisions within Astellas. Through open dialogue and access to our organization, we are able to not only learn from patients to inform care delivery, but also better address their needs in our drug discovery and development efforts.

Learn more about the ways that Astellas is partnering with patients and advocacy organizations.


Behavioral Science Consortium (BSC)

The Behavioral Science Consortium enhances Astellas’ understanding of patient behaviors in a real-world setting. Comprised of a diverse faculty of multi-disciplinary experts, the BSC delivers relevant and actionable insights that address comprehensive patient care needs to inform Astellas’ decisions. Through an intimate understanding of how our patients behave, feel, and seek care, we are able to most-meaningfully address real-world issues impacting care and health outcomes.